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Our primary focus is in the government defense space. To set the foundation for Tampa, we started by outlining the United States military commands.

There are 10 unified combatant commands – six have regional responsibilities and four have functional responsibilities. Out of the 50 states in the US, Florida is home to three of these unified combatant commands, and Tampa alone is home to two of the three. Tampa is the only city in the US that is home to two of only 10 unified combatant commands.

Tampa continues to experience a rich growth in defense contracting that is tied to the needs of the decision-makers in charge of these two commands. Ever-evolving technology and the military requirement to stay on the cutting edge is driving young talent to the Greater Tampa Bay region.

My vision is to capitalize on our operational experience and bridge the gap between defense contracting, innovation, and the commercial marketplace. We will help to ensure that our government receives the very best, brightest and most experienced workforce available. We will drive ideas through the research and development process with complete and innovative solutions. We will assist in bridging the gap between local government leaders, business leaders and academia with the military industry and growing demands for innovative solutions to never-ending requirements,– Andrew Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quiet Professionals.

Wilson says the next innovation that’s going to change the industry is Artificial Intelligence (AI). He says autonomous unmanned systems are tied at the hip with AI. “There are already tremendous milestones being reached within this vast relatively new field of work. The world is beginning to see the seemingly limitless possibilities for innovative uses of all things unmanned both good and bad. Driver-less vehicles will soon consume our roadways. Drones will replace manned delivery vehicles and begin a new surge in air transportation. AI will tie in with unmanned systems to create an automated and synchronized global network of transportation. Nefarious groups around the globe will exploit these advances in technology for personal monetary or ideological goals.” All of these things must be continuously studied to ensure all of the good that can come to society is maintained and all the bad influencers are mitigated through well-planned countermeasures.

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