Today, we are more ready than ever to help shape the future of real estate. Driven by real estate competence, we want to get the most out of real estate at all times for our customers, our partners and our investors.

"We’re not just selling, renting and managing buildings. We’re building communities".

- Siham Rahmuni, CEO Quares

It was a clear choice by the shareholders to put Siham Rahmuni (CEO) and Bart De Smedt (CINO) at the helm of Quares in 2019. Both have built up a lot of experience within the company in recent years. Today they are determined to further develop Quares into a real estate pioneer with the support of the shareholders. We work with real passion for real estate. In a changing world, innovation, sustainability and digitalisation are at the heart of everything we do. Any business not working on these three things today will, in the long term, have no reason to exist.

Multidisciplinary knowledge organisation
We provide answers to present and future real estate questions. We assist companies in asset, property and facility management and act as brokers for high-quality urban residential real estate. Furthermore, we assist governments and real estate developers in applying for subsidies, in spatial development and urban renewal. We finance energy-related real estate challenges and develop real estate funds in multiple asset classes. In that sense, Quares takes a different approach from many of its peers in the sector. Our multidisciplinary approach makes us unique in our own country.

As a property manager we are one of the few small-to-medium enterprises in a globalised market. Innovation is key if we are to maintain our position. With a data-driven approach and considerable investments in technology, our mindset centres around automating simple tasks so that we can focus more on strategic advice that matters for our customers. By applying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for these processes, Quares employees have already been saved from hundreds of hours of repetitive workload per month.

Urban Lab
The most exciting part of our journey is the road ahead. Smart climate adaptation is imperative and our real estate is facing an important challenge there. The economic system must change, from linear to circular.

Quares facilitates collaboration between companies, governments and academic institutions. By way of example, as a residential broker and investor, we facilitate new forms of iving within the city. Within our Stadswaag project in Antwerp, we facilitate co-living for young potentials who, in addition to their private space, also have collective spaces that they can use. In addition, at this location we facilitate an urban lab, Stadsform, which thinks about city-making, and is a place where various stakeholders can discuss the future of the city in consultation.

Real estate as a service
The above illustrates that generation Z looks at housing in a different way. Young people no longer feel the need to own a building. What they want most is to be able to live in the right place at any particular time in their life. Real estate is becoming more of a movable good. Not only because ownership is no longer paramount, but also because our starting point is the value retention of materials. As a real estate service provider, we must be ready for this growing market.

Real estate funds
In Belgium, there is currently more than 92 billion euros in savings accounts, which yield any returns due to low interest rates. Many people are looking for the right investment. And since the gross return on a real estate investment is still between three and five per cent, real estate remains a good investment. Investors can already go to our real estate funds Quares Student Housing and Quares Sustainability Initiative and in the near future additional investment and real estate funds will be added. We certainly have a lot of innovative ideas.

"Real estate innovation is my life. It’s my day job, if you like, but it consumes my nights and weekends as well".

- Bart De Smedt, CINO Quares

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