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Builds Strategic Inside Sales and Sales Development Programs, Specializing in IT Software & IT Services Companies

qualifiedMEETINGS builds strategic inside sales and sales development programs, specializing in IT software & IT services companies. Whether you’re looking for QM to host your sales team in Florida or help you build your own internal team based on our proven proprietary process and methodologies, we work as a partner to help your organization achieve its sales objectives.

With our trained, experienced teams of Sales Development Representatives, we are able to rapidly increase our client’s sales pipeline with highly qualified opportunities that reduce sales cycles, provide valuable lead source data intelligence, and provide a high return on marketing investments. Our ‘23-52 Touch educational outbound process’ which utilizes the 7 Pillars of Communication, and our expert sales professionals have allowed qualifiedMEETINGS to build a proven track record of achieving superior results for our clients.


This proprietary process has been developed, tested, and applied by the founders over the past 13 years after careful analysis of the marketplace, building a more modern and streamlined approach to connecting organizations to buyers. These processes are scalable because they are repeatable, predictable, manageable, and results-driven. This has enabled QM to deploy its sales development teams into a variety of industries with great effect and has contributed over $1B in qualified sales pipeline that has led to over $250M in closed-won-new customers in tech.

QM is built on the philosophy of ‘high velocity with intelligence’. We believe that highly skilled and fully trained humans using the right technology and tools can drive and improve outbound performance much more aggressively and successfully than the majority the market which relies heavily on automated engagement. While qualifiedMEETINGS employs the latest sales technology and processes to enhance performance, the QM’s true strength lies in its people.


We recruit, hire, train, and develop the highest quality sales teams to serve our clients. Our talent development program is focused on developing professionals with sales acumen, hunter instincts, and the skills, abilities and attributes that drive positive inside sales outcome for our clients . QM is the #1 outbound company for target account acquisition. If your company is looking to open markets, expand markets or go after strategic accounts, QM is your team.


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