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In our 5th year of business, qualifiedMEETINGS continues on our growth trajectory! Through adding additional members to the leadership team, employees, partnerships and additional services, we are committed to achieving excellence at scale in both technology sales and as an employer.

QM has become the #1 outbound tech sales partner of ZoomInfo. For companies who invest in data, what do you do next? QM specializes in helping tech companies intelligently use their data to get a significant return on investment in a strategic way that is a scalable, long-term sales solution. After solely focusing on the outsourcing of sales development programs for tech companies, QM is adding additional service lines
to help clients with their sales needs. Sales recruiting, sales training/ mentoring and building internalized sales programs will now be options for clients who may want their SDR team in-house. By recruiting the right team, training them in our persona and vertical-based methodology, providing best practices, orchestrating the most efficient tech stack and providing best-in-class data, QM can help clients accelerate their sales efforts to become more scalable and predictable regardless of where their team sits.

In the last year, QM has added several members to our core team in order to provide our clients the ultimate sales partnership experience.

Dan Koehn has joined QM as Chief Experience Officer and partner. He brings a wealth of knowledge from over 20 years in the tech sales industry.

“I discovered QM while I was consulting for companies in Silicon Valley to help them accelerate revenue and align their marketing and sales messaging. I knew that QM offered a compelling advantage to its clients and I wanted to be a part of growth. My primary role is to ensure that we are delivering on the promises we make to our clients and continue to innovate our offerings in the market. One of the great privileges I have is to continue to drive for intentional diversity and reach earlier in people’s careers and provide onramps to successful futures. This also means ensuring that we remain focused on our true competitive advantage and value…our people. It’s been exciting to help our clients realize an advantage over their competition. But what’s even more exciting is to help people get started in their sales career and watch them progress and play a role in shaping them and the company. We are forging a new category that we call the Prospect Experience. Competition only increases over time. It is critical for every company at every stage to expand its customer base, win new deals, and listen to the market on what they need. QM is in the unique position to help companies do that better than they can.

Whether a brand-new company that may not have found it’s repeatable go to market strategy to large enterprise that want to test innovation solutions, we help companies learn more and scale faster. If you are going to slow you will be passed, and our goal is to not allow you to let that happen.”

Aftiam Ramli, Manager of Customer Success, started with QM as the team lead for one of our largest client programs. Through leading and learning how our programs are created for clients, Aftiam has been promoted to Manager of Client Success. “The most exciting part of my job is helping QM’s new clients build their sales development infrastructure from the ground up. Companies that have matured beyond the organic growth stage look for us to accelerate their expansion into new markets and audiences. We partner with startups to broaden their relevance in, and understanding of, their addressable market.”

Rachael Bunn joined QM as our ZoomInfo Data Specialist and is responsible for ensuring the leads provided to SDRs meet the Ideal Customer Profile, align with the Go-To-Market Strategy and contain all data points required; saving our reps time and maximizing their efficiency, resulting in revenue for clients.

“At QM, we leverage the powerful data of ZoomInfo to not only get the best quality data, but to also find triggering events which help our SDRs create personalized pitches that directly highlight a prospects pain or upcoming project. Using this tool ultimately allows our team to help shorten our clients’ sales cycles.”

David “Fern” Fernandez is the newest member of the leadership team, joining QM as an SDR Team Leader. “I am passionate about inspiring a sales team and finding what it takes to set up each SDR for success each day. During the interview process, everyone I interacted with was passionate about growth and success. I want to be a part of a team that is full of passionate leaders and contribute to the growth and success of QM.”

The biggest question we get is, what’s next for QM? Outside of continuing to expand our offerings to include Sales Enablement services such as marketing, content creation, consulting, training and sales recruiting, QM will be developing software to help companies use data for their sales data to be predictable, meaningful and more impactful in understanding how to intelligently approach markets.


“2020 was an extremely challenging year for every startup. Whether your business was servicing areas of business that had explosive growth during the pandemic or massive setbacks, it was stressful. 2021 is all about hitting the reset button, focusing on your team and your customers. I’m extremely excited about the leadership we’ve been blessed with and it’s my job as CEO to keep our business exciting enough to keep them here”
— Matt Wheeler, CEO

“I’m thrilled to see QM continue to grow by adding great humans to our team to help us on our mission. Each person brings so much talent and experience to our team and it shows through the excitement and success of our clients. We look forward to continued innovation, growth and success in 2021 and beyond!”
— Whitney Marshall, EVP

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