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Help Alleviate On-street Parking Congestion

Qu Parking is an innovative mobile application that allows homeowners to rent their unused parking space (such as a driveway) to drivers in the area in need of parking. This will help alleviate on-street parking congestion with off-street private parking. By doing this Qu can help cities start dedicating their valuable land to other initiatives that will help the community rather than parking. We plan to also get integrated into public and commercial parking as well.

Qu Parking has innovative scheduling and availability inside the app that really separates them from the competition. Qu plans to leverage Bluetooth in vehicles, as well scan license plates to create a comprehensive platform that will automate the parking process.


Qu plans to innovate in all facets of parking as well as other verticals that have common touchpoints. Eventually, Qu plans to provide services for autonomous and electric vehicles that will soon take over the market. As well as provide invaluable data to cities to help them rethink transportation and city planning.


Justis Mendez – Justis has an insatiable itch to solve problems and create products. Creating his first company at 19 where he worked with developers to create and design websites for other companies. He later became a Certified Scrum Master to hone his skills in leading development teams and building products. Justis also has years of experience in sales and management working with several different companies throughout his career. He is also very passionate about company vision and strategy.

Eric Agredo

Eric Agredo – Software Development – Eric loves creating and leading! Eric created the Gator IoT Club at The University of Florida where he found a passion for innovating in the tech space. Eric has worked on several innovative projects previous to working full time at the prestigious MIT Media Labs as a software developer

Steven Hurtado

Steven Hurtado – Software Developer – Steven found a passion for building technology in highschool with video game development. He then went on to gain leadership and development skills at the Univerisity of Florida’s Association for Computing Machinery. Steven has taken on internships at enterprise-level companies such as Walt Disney Company and Adobe Systems where he strengthened his specialization in mobile software development

Justin Schwartz

Justin Schwartz – Digital Designer – Justin is a sophomore at the University of Florida studying computer science at the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering. He is passionate about solving problems and crafting experiences through design. Justin has worked with multiple companies doing everything from simple design work to complex rebranding.

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