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The Rise Of Software-Defined Service Delivery

QTS Realty Trust, Inc. is a leading provider of data center solutions across 26 data centers spanning more than 6 million square feet of data center space globally. Through its software-defined data center platform, QTS delivers secure, compliant IT infrastructure solutions, robust connectivity and premium customer service to leading technology companies, enterprises and government entities.

Consider that today virtually every business utilizes the Internet as an integral component of their business. This means that everything starts in a public or private data center somewhere and has an impact on everything we do.

Cloud, colocation and connectivity are the primary building blocks upon which critical business and consumer applications are delivered from data centers. And while the cloud continues to grow in popularity, it has different meanings for different organizations. For small businesses, it might mean software-as-aservice supporting turnkey applications offered on a pay-as-you-go model. For larger companies, it likely means public and/or private cloud solutions with leaders such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

More recently, the cloud has evolved into a hybrid IT solution as businesses move workloads off premises and into public and private clouds built upon colocation hosted in outsourced data centers. These outsourced hybrid colocation solutions are allowing companies to quickly build infrastructure without the headaches of complexity or risk of having to tie together all the components on their own. As a result, the demand for colocation data centers needed to support them continues to grow.

While colocation is fundamental to hybrid cloud solutions, it is still challenged in two key areas: visibility and control. When there is a problem with an application, IT support personnel are required to diagnose and take quick action to prevent any disruption throughout the technology stack. However, with the speed at which businesses are now operating, manual troubleshooting and remediation is too slow to be effective and is putting businesses at risk. Compounding this are complex emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks and blockchain that are also beginning to disrupt data center operations.

The solution lies in improved operational visibility and controls – with automation being the key ingredient.

QTS recognized this and made the decision to invest in the industry’s first APIdriven orchestration platform engineered to support IT environments. It’s an architectural approach that facilitates service delivery and control across QTS’ entire data center footprint and solutions portfolio. Unlike basic DCIM-only solutions, QTS’ Service Delivery Platform (SDP) provides customers with a single, complete view of colocation, connectivity, public and private cloud assets across all infrastructure down to the component level.

It is a highly automated approach that increases visibility and facilitates operational innovation by enabling customers to access and interact with information and gain deeper insight into the use of their QTS services in a way that is simple, seamless and available on-demand from any device. Additional benefits include real-time, automated issue resolution that facilitates additional cost containment.

According to Gartner, “QTS has taken a cloud-based approach to colocation by digitizing the entire colocation experience with Service Delivery Platform. SDP is an enhanced form of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and provides real-time analytics of power, to real-time control, to programmatic access for user authentication to data to online ordering. By leveraging SDP, customers can programmatically interface with SDP to make realtime business decisions instead of waiting for monthly utilization reports.”

QTS firmly believes that data center providers must be innovators and make it a strategic area of investment. If data center providers do not innovate in the areas of design, sustainability, automation, visibility, and control; if they do not fully commit to delivering a cloud-like mobile-ready experience; those providers will struggle to meet the current and future needs of customers.


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