Creative Insights is a citizen owned technology and software development company that was created to address poor customer experiences in Botswana. Backed by a board of local and established business leaders, the team of young digital innovators was able to create an upgraded version of the queue management service WorldQueues, to what is now known as QFlo.

QFlo is an automated queue management ticketing system which can be perfectly customized to the needs and requirements of the client.

This system enables remote queuing by clients from any place of their choosing. QFlo eliminates congestion on site as well as enabling effective social distancing during these unprecedented times.

QFlo is a home grown solution, made in Botswana by Batswana. With over 20 years of combined experience in customer service, Creative Insights is uniquely equipped to ensure QFlo services its customers in an efficient and seamless manner. QFlo endeavors to improve the customer experience and ensure customer satisfaction.

The system does not only ensure an improved customer experience but also boost staff productivity and efficiency. QFlo also enables the client to gather service delivery data, namely wait times, peak times, service feedback and highest service demand to mention but a few.

QFlo represents the best of local innovation in Botswana. A new experience of queuing has been made available to customers which will greatly enhance their overall customer experience. The system is easy to use and navigate. It can be accessed in multiple ways from the palm of your hand via USSD, WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger as well as a Kiosk at your chosen location.

• Ministry of Transportation & Communication
• Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency
• MRI Botswana: Prime Health Medical Centre
• Department of Road, Transport and Safety
• Metropolitan Life Botswana

QFlo by Creative Insights supported by the Botswana Innovations Hub through the Botswana Innovation Fund

Creative Insights prides itself on creating products that enable organizations to increase productivity, boosting customer satisfaction and driving sustainable business growth. Some of the technologies that the team has ventured into, include the development of BOTs which can be integrated into varying client platforms.

The team have been honored by the Botswana Innovation Hub as the Botswana Innovation Fund Recipient.

Discover how QFlo can enhance your customer experience by contacting the Creative Insights team on +267 74 835 802 or [email protected]


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