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Qallo® is an Antwerp based Esports and gaming performance brand focusing on new, healthy gaming nutrition and supplements. The company is founded by three Antwerp entrepreneurs: Alexander Van Laer, Niels Peetermans, and Moos Tits.


Qallo has a bold ambition: enabling every gamer to reach their full potential. Competitive gaming is a booming industry and Esports athletes are looking more often for specialized nutrition that can help them perform during the competition. Qallo has the ambition to become the preferred nutrition partner of Esports athletes and games. We put a large emphasis on the healthiness and the science behind our products. Our R&D team, led by a Belgian Professor in Pharmacology and Immunology, developed four specific products: QEnergy, QFocus, QSleep and QFlex.

The Esports, or competitive gaming, market is growing exponentially. Every day, an increasing amount of people are watching gaming streams and Esports competitions. In fact, the total gaming and Esports viewers surpass the total amount of daily Netflix, HBO and Hulu viewers combined. Hence, Esports are currently already the fourth biggest sport in the world based on total viewership. With this enormous fan base and viewing audience, the Esports industry is also rapidly professionalizing. Global brands are entering the gaming markets. Esports teams receive increased sponsorship amounts. Competitions become larger every year. In 2019, Esports competition prize money surpassed 240 million USD and some gamers earned 3 million USD in prize pools.

The rapid growth of the market and the increased professionalism of the tournaments incentivizes gamers to work hard on their skills and reach their full potential. Like in traditional sports, becoming the best has multiple facets which we categorize in two large pillars. The first pillar is your in-game skills. Real-time strategy gamers need to practice scenario planning and strategic thinking, sim racers need to practice their racing skills, and shooting gamers need to practice their aim. The second pillar is focused on the gamer itself. You need to stay focused for long periods, optimize your sleep, and prevent wrist and neck injuries to prolong your professional gaming career… Qallo is the specialized partner for this second pillar by offering healthy gaming nutrition and supplements to the Esports market.


A specialized energy drink optimized for mental performance. During gaming, concentration, stable energy and endurance are very important. However, regular energy drinks are not specifically designed for mental performance. They contain too much sugar, too much caffeine and too much taurine. This leads to nervousness, anxiety and jitters when gaming. Qallo® developed a specific energy drink for mental performance. The product does not contain sugar and has lower caffeine and taurine levels compared to other energy drinks. Additionally, QEnergy contains high-quality nootropics/brain boosters and hydration components to maximize mental performance.


A premium nootropic without caffeine, developed for mental performance with proven short and long-term benefits. We specifically developed this product to enhance focus and concentration, support mental endurance and boost energy. QFocus can be used supplementary with QEnergy to boost your focus and give you the extra edge needed to perform when it really matters.

Qallo Bootcamp Testimonial:

“The guys at Qallo are geniuses. Everything at the bootcamp was perfect. We progressed so much, and everyone was feeling fresh. They were as invested as anyone in the team.” – Vladlen ‘Saviour’ Dvoretsky – League of Legends player

Testimonial QFocus:

“I’ve been taking the QFocus supplements. I’m able to keep my focus in-game. I’ve played multiple games and I noticed even though the ‘grind’ was kind of long, I could just keep on going.” – Jeroen ‘Night’ Segers – League of Legends player


Developed to support and enhance your sleeping quality. Especially after intense mental performances, your sleep quality could be compromised. However, having good sleep quality is very important for your mental performance the day afterwards.


Developed to support mobility and flexible joints, have anti-inflammatory effects and reduce joint pain. QFlex is specifically relevant since (professional) gamers can sometimes suffer from wrist, shoulder and neck injuries.

In addition to Qallo’s food supplementation and nutrition, we also established a specialized Esports Performance Center based in Antwerp. Qallo regularly welcomes international Esports teams to their Esports Performance Bootcamps, where teams and athletes get specialized coaching by both the Qallo team and other external coaches.

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