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Q-lite is specialised in designing, producing and maintaining digital information systems and the accompanying software. Their wide product range includes pharmacy crosses, the zone-30 traffic signs that slow you down, the digital scoreboard of your favourite football team, transparent LED screens and parking guidance systems for cars and bicycles from Amsterdam to Antwerp and Paris.

CEO Dirk Geenen receiving the Innovation Award

Q-lite is everywhere
More than 40,000 operational digital displays in Western Europe are guiding and informing you through life. The customized solutions in a broad range of markets from Sports to Mobility, Industry, Retail and Advertising are a strong foundation for stable growth.

Growth through focus and partnerships
From its founding, Q-lite had a strong focus on quality, service and innovation. In the last few years, main shareholders VP Capital brought in an extra focus: developing solutions that improve our living environment. This resulted in a broad range of new solutions and partnerships. With the ultimate goal to become a frontrunner in ESG (Environment, Social and Governance).

Driven by innovation & sustainability
In 2020 Q-lite received an innovation award from Belgium’s largest employers’ organisation. The jury praised Q-lite for the way it ensures innovation: “The company goes beyond product innovation. They also link a social innovation to it. For example, they make digital traffic signs that – if you drive too fast – do not register a fine, but rather reward good drivers and the community. If you stick to the speed limit, it will make a small donation to a charity. That is entrepreneurship at its finest.”


Circular transition
Q-lite is transforming its business model from a linear one towards a circular one. More than 20% of the order intake comes from circular solutions. What does this mean?

1. Durable design
The first step is a sustainable modular design with materials that have a long lifespan and can be reused in the chain. The parts keep their value because they are not contaminated with other materials. The entire design is built with a screw and click system making it easy to separate materials for reuse or recycling.


2. Sustainable materials and information
The materials Q-lite purchases contain recycled raw materials as much as possible. For example, the aluminium used contains 80% recycled aluminium. It is remelted in The Netherlands in their local factory that runs on 100% green electricity. In order to share information in a transparent way, Q-lite is working on product passports for its standard products.

3. Display as a Service
The ‘Display as a Service’ model is a circular business model. Q-lite retains ownership of a display and installs it at the customer for a period of 7–15 years (depending on the contract) for an annual service fee. The model is all-encompassing: installation, service, dismantling and sometimes even electricity is included.


4. Long Life
Due to the modular design, the displays are easy to maintain, upgrade and disassemble. Q-lite does not only extend the lifetime of the displays from 10 years to 15 years, but also keeps them up to date by upgrading the energy efficiency and image quality.

5. Smart maintenance
With a cloud application, Q-lite can monitor the screens remotely. Because of this, a large part of the defects can be immediately remedied from a distance. When an intervention is nevertheless necessary, the diagnosis is usually already established in a way Q-lite can work very targeted.


6. Reuse and Recycling
When the screen is End-of-life (EOL), Q-lite offers the option to retrieve the screen. Due to the modular design, the different raw materials can be easily separated from each other and recycled at a high level. It is also possible to upgrade the screen and put it back on the market.

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