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Bridging The Gap Between Integrative And Conventional Medicine Using Subtle Energy Testing

Psy-Tek Labs is a research laboratory and testing center. We feature ‘Pioneer’ devices that measure the biofield (Subtle Energies) that access our various states of wellness. We do this without the use of traditional medical practices that use radiation, blood, compression etc. Our devices include Medical Thermal Imaging, Brain Mapping, Heart-rate variability, Interstitial Fluid analysis and other process that directly assess the subtle energy fields of both subjects and materials . Our innovative lab conducts health assessments for everyone and performs research for organizations and individuals on products, devices and healing practices.

Science fiction fans drool every time they see “Bones”, the doctor on Star-Trek pull out his Tricorder and magically diagnose any body before him. The Tricorder isn’t here yet but a generation of computers and devices that can measure our bodies energy fields have evolved and are starting to reveal previously undiscovered components of our health.

Bob Hertz CDP, a computer scientist and serial entrepreneur, is at home with sophisticated computers, communications and laboratory equipment after decades of automating industry and businesses utilizing cutting edge technologies.

Since 1996 Hertz has been working with Mary Clark Ph.D., a psychotherapist and specialist in Energy Psychology and Energy Healing. They focus on health systems, alternative methods of healing and non-invasive methods of assessing health for both allopathic and integrative physicians. They include the many different types of practitioners including nutritionists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and dozens of healing modalities and practices.

“You name the field, we’ve worked with the practitioner” Hertz says..

In 2001 Hertz and Clark first came up with the idea of creating a Subtle Energy testing lab. They began exploring non-invasive equipment that claimed to be energy based. Most of the devices evaluated were not scientifically based and could not support repeatable data needed for assessments and research. Additionally, health practitioners such as acupuncturists and massage therapists, to name a few, could not order medical testing such as MRIs, blood work and X-rays. Hertz and Clark searched for cutting-edge equipment and advanced health technologies in body scans that reveal cellular level statistics, life energy patterns and other wellness information. They wanted health practitioners to use reports and images from these devices to help their patients understand what is happening internally and energetically. Psy-Tek Labs was born.

Bob Hertz and Mary Clark are the co-founders and managing directors of Psy-tek Labs which is a division of Healing Energies and Research Technologies, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit, dedicated to supporting advancement in health technologies and subtle energy research.

Hertz and Clark have joined up with a longtime friend and colleague. Gaetan Chevalier Ph.D. a well-known and published physicist who specializes in exactly what Psy-Tek Labs is all about.

Subtle Energy is Gaetan’s ‘middle name’. He has the long-term experience in both utilizing and instructing in subtle energy devices. Together, Hertz, Clark and Chevalier have been growing the assessment services, testing and research in Psy-Tek Labs for over 10 years.

Psy-Tek Labs facility is in Encinitas California, located on the campus of CIHS, a graduate school and research institute. Psy-Tek Labs and CIHS collaborate in research and instruction.

Presently, Psy-Tek Labs schedules testing and health assessments for the public and performs research on several health-related issues and products.

Psy-Tek Uses Medical Thermal Imaging as a Preventative tool to Study Breast Health

Medical Thermal Imaging

Thermography has moved to the forefront in today’s female breast health technology, announced Mary Clark, Managing Director of Psy-Tek Testing Lab in Encinitas. “Thermography shines as a preventative tool to help improve health and wellbeing,” she stated.

Thermography is a non-contact, non-invasive procedure which captures and records temperature variations on the skin. Studies have shown that it can be particularly helpful for evaluating inflammatory responses and inflammation which creates a thermal pattern, visually detected with medical thermal imaging. “This makes it an ideal compass to show an individual’s health position, while at the same time acting as a roadmap for physicians,” according to Dr. Clark.

Psy-Tek’s special high-definition cameras use far infrared emission technology, showing heat patterns in both normal cells and unbalanced cells where inflammation or abnormal metabolic activity occurs. This advanced technology gives physicians, alternative practitioners, and individuals the incredible benefit of revealing underlying health conditions. “With follow up thermal imaging any heat pattern changes can be tracked and monitored.” Dr. Clark added.

Ildi Clark and Carisa Hertz, Psy-Tek Lab’s highly trained technicians, urge women to take advantage of this technology and schedule a thermal imaging health study appointment for peace of mind, too. It is quick, safe, easy, and women like the fact that it is non-invasive as well as comfortable with no compression. And of course, the extra security of knowing there is no radiation and no X-rays is a plus.

Medical thermal imaging is FDA cleared as an adjunctive tool. Testing data is analyzed by a team of experienced thermal imaging specialists and reviewed by medical doctors who prepare the client’s report, according to Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D., Psy-Tek’s Research Director. The testing lab neither diagnoses nor treats clients; instead, it offers information services to medical and allied alternative health professionals and their clients.

Additional Body Scans Show Important Cellular Level, Life Energy, Wellness Information

Psy-Tek Labs is also pioneering research in advanced health technology that includes new developments and techniques in body scans to reveal powerful cellular level statistics, life energy patterns, and other wellness information. Some of these techniques look at subtle energy systems and how components affect physical connections. For example, they can give feedback to both practitioners and their clients as to the impact on their systems. And they can chart data on health programs and procedures that can be used as a roadmap for determining how best to proceed with health care applications.


This device uses bio-impedance analysis of interstitial fluids to provide a unique analysis of body composition on segments of the body. It also includes a sophisticated photoplethysmography performing digital pulse analysis. This combination of analysis methods allows this non-invasive device to analyze stress, fatigue, cardio scores, body fat, microcirculation, spinal conditions, brain health and more. Matthew Chilton a technical manager at Psy-Tek Labs explains “An interpretive program then offers recommendations for therapeutic, lifestyle follow-up, and monitoring. “


Another body scan test available is the GDV/EPI, Gas Discharge Visualization or Electro Photonic Imaging. “This process, also non-invasive, involves photographing of fingertip light emissions on special crystal film plate. This displays and measures BioEnergy fields, including life energy patterns, virtual chakras, and elements related to consciousness. It utilizes Kirlian Photography, a technique for recording photographic images of plasma discharges, like the auras of living plants and creatures” Dr. Chevalier explains.

Brain Mapping

Our cutting edge P300 technology monitors a recently discovered brain signal, along with the standard QEEG (Quantitative EEG) signals to uniquely assess reaction times, speed, and connectivity crucial to detecting brain dysfunction. Learn if you have known brain conditions such as: Concussions, ADD/ADHD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disorders, Anxiety and or Depression.

All the Psy-Tek body scans are available for men as well as women. More men are showing interest in the procedures as a result of the non-invasive efficiency, increased accuracy, and lower cost elements, in addition to individual screenings.

“Whether one’s goal is fun exploration, to gain insight into your own personal well-being, or to monitor your or your loved one’s health, our cutting-edge devices such as medical thermal imaging or any of our other advanced technology tests can serve as an informational roadmap to help guide one to learning more about one’s self,” Hertz affirmed. “It is a natural approach,” he notes, “to achieving wellness.”

Psy-Tek Labs

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