Our Brands Are Trusted In Millions Of Living Rooms,Kitchens,Laundry Rooms, And Bathrooms-And Have Been Passed Down From Generation To Generation, Over The Course Of 181 Years, They've Challenged Convention, Led Innovation, And Helped Shape Culture




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Our PVP´s
No matter how much we grow, we always keep ourselves grounded in our deep-rooted purpose, values, and principles. We’ve done it for over 66,000 days, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

In Portugal since 1990

Innovation that change Lives – everyday and everywhere Stepping Up as a Force for Good
For generations, we’ve united to support consumers and communities through unexpected challenges, providing the brands people count on, to take care of their personal health and hygiene and to create clean and healthy homes.

Being a good corporate citizen is core to who we are as a Company. From the beginning  in 1837, our founders made giving back a priority. Our brands are uniquely positioned to help and provide the comforts of home, health and hygiene during challenging times. We are committed to making each day a little bit better for people, families and communities
around the globe.

We believe in finding small but meaningful ways to improve lives–now and for generations to come.

Our commitment with our local community – Starts with OUR PEOPLE Team building for sustainability

[email protected] policies:
In Portugal P&G employees have flexibility to work from home and also the option of compressed week (Free afternoon on Fridays!). An increasing number of employees are enjoying the benefits as and when they need to. This helps balance both business and personal life.

ShareTheCare policy meant to unify paid parental leave. It is a great milestone that works towards our continuous efforts at equality & inclusion. P&G’s ShareTheCare, offers parents the opportunity to care for and bond with their newborns, because expanding a family is a significant and exciting life change, but also a great responsibility.

The benefits of building equality into our parental leave policy are far-reaching. Research has shown that being at home with children for an extended period after birth, can both strengthen the parent/child bond and have positive, long-lasting outcomes for child development, such as improved cognitive and emotional outcomes and physical health.

Working with the community
We promote corporate volunteering, either through face-to-face actions or through remote training actions at institutions.

Entrajuda Partnership
We have a partnership of more than ten years with Entrajuda, which allows us to support more and more institutions. This support is materialized through the offer of products, corporate and brand campaigns and also through internal volunteering actions.

Cruz Vermelha Partership
P&G joined the movement #EuAjudoQuemAjuda, promoted by Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa, aiming to support health professionals and hospital units, through the financing of health initiatives, projects and operations, as well as humanitarian aid developed to prevent and control Covid-19 Pandemic.

This support was materialized in a set of measures, defined by the needs of intervention identified: donation of products and hospital supplies and advertising slots. As one of the biggest advertisers in the Portuguese market, P&G Portugal also gave advertising slots, to promote the campaign #EuAjudoQuemAjuda, that will be collecting donations seeking to raise an even greater amount.

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