Simulation-enabled Remote Site Training And Communication Tools For Clinical Trials.




Pro-ficiency provides remote, simulation-enabled training, communication, compliance and performance management tools for clinical trial sites. Run more effective IMs and SIVs through Virtual Study TrainerTM.

Pro-ficiency’s Virtual Study Trainer TM is the most advanced training, communications, and automated compliance system for virtual, hybrid and traditional clinical trials.

Virtual-IMTM provides a simulation-enabled live or asynchronous Investigator Meeting via the internet. And Virtual-SIVTM manages the training, compliance and communication you need to remote-activate clinical trial sites and manage their performance throughout the study.

Simulation Training

Pro-ficiency simulation training uses real-world scenarios that model the clinical challenges investigators will face in the study, such as enrollment criteria, assessments, and dosing. Simulations engage learners and allow them to apply their knowledge to improve their protocol adherence and better retain information such as enrollment criteria.

Pro-ficiency provides e-mentoring to reinforce understanding. Traditional face-to-face training is inconsistent, creates duplication and is proven to be ineffective at increasing site staff performance.

Automated Compliance

The many vendors, technologies, and regulatory requirements that study teams and sites have to juggle, combined with high staff turnover, create a state of perpetual non-compliance. Pro-ficiency eases the burden, automates compliance, and identifies and mitigates study risk.

With Pro-ficiency, you can replace face-to-face training with a system that:

  • Is more effective and consistent
  • Includes advanced performance analytics
  • Provides 100% training coverage to all site staff
  • Is faster and less expensive
  • Supports enrollment
  • Predicts protocol errors and confusion
  • Saves thousands of site staff and study team hours

Pro-ficiency is the eLearning provider for the Association for Clinical Research Providers (ARCP) which provides the industry’s best competency-based training and certification. This includes GCP, pharmacovigilance, and skills training for research staff.

The Pro-ficiency platform allows administrators to send important communications to sites, such as Amendments and Safety Reports, with trackable, audit-ready, read-and-acknowledge functionality.

COVID-19 showed us that relying on face-to-face training is not only expensive, inconsistent, and slow, it is also fragile. The industry needs systems that utilize the rigor, convenience, durability, and financial benefit of virtual technology without sacrificing effectiveness. An LMS is only as good as the content you put on it. Simulation training content is not only more engaging, and more effective, it also provides predictive analytics to support your RBM and site selection activities.

Pro-ficiency provides a comprehensive human performance improvement system for clinical trials. We leverage simulation to provide real-world training for sites and subjects. Sponsors use Pro-ficiency to initiate trial sites faster and more efficiently, and to reduce protocol violations. With the help of Pro-ficiency, Sponsors decrease study time, lower costs, reduce meetings, conduct site feasibility, and predict and avoid study errors.

Year Founded: 2013
Founded By: David Hadden and JoAnne Shaberick

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