PRIME I PR-Delivering A Level Of Service That Other Firms Simply Cannot Match




Most PR firms approach public relations and marketing from an academic approach, untested from real-world business practices. PRIME I PR’s Principals are successful entrepreneurs who have built companies and learned from decades of what really works in today’s ever-changing business landscape. That experience plays an integral role in how we partner with our clients – it takes years of real experience, so we don’t use interns or even junior staff. It enables PRIME to deliver a level of service that other firms simply cannot match. While some agencies are exceptional at making clients look good, we focus more attention on the technical aspects of building business with a heavy emphasis on ROI. We would prefer our clients to be around for a long time and we pride ourselves in transforming brands from conception to acquisition. Our client base is heavy on tech, but we serve most markets from real estate to law to consumer products.

We are master storytellers and marketers, and we are experts in MQL/SQL biz dev | digital services | influencer management. We are the science of building brands – blending cognitive and emotional intelligence for better business narratives. We are a triple threat – offering full public relations, integrated marketing, and event management/venues to showcase our exceptional client base. Our trademarked R3 Scientific Marketing Methodology provides the best blend of strategies in the marketing mix to provide clients the best possible results — everything is data-driven and we strive for a 1+1=3 equation. We pull strategies and tactics from earned and paid media to influencer management to experiential marketing and frankly, no one can equal our results per dollar spent.
Today’s hyper-connected world means that maximum communication impact can only be achieved through strategic and consistent messaging that allows you to reach your target audience through the noise. We create a unified and seamless experience for your customers to interact with your brand, melding all aspects of traditional and new media – advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and social media. Not only does this approach maximize communication, it allows you to optimize your spend across all channels to ensure an exceptional return.
Complex technology and constrained marketing budgets are the reasons that PRIME|PR sprang into existence. With heavy overhead costs, inefficient billability structures and outdated management practices, traditional firms are often forced to ignore budgets less than $15,000 a month. PRIME | PR was created to do one thing – to serve this market better than anyone else.

Nicolia Wiles, Founder & Principal

Sandra Kimball, Principal

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