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Technology is literally changing the world. Arts, commerce, education, government—virtually every aspect of our culture is being re-written with software.

We believe that something as important as the future of everything needs to demand more from its authors than the ability to write code.

Our mission is to transform lives by helping diverse students develop coding and design skills to create a better tomorrow.

Founded in 2014, Prime Digital Academy is working to make technical training more accessible and more human for everyone through an accelerated and immersive full-stack coding and user experience school. Prime is in Minneapolis and has campuses there and in Kansas City, MO. Prime’s holistic approach to learning means every student gains the support and tools to succeed, all in an environment that thrives on curiosity and empathy and feels like family. Our thoughtful curriculum teaches the latest technologies and processes through project-based learning with real-world clients—all tailored to students’ unique learning styles.

The students at Prime are a diverse group. Forty years separate the youngest and oldest students, but the majority of students are 25-40 and come to Prime as adults with a wealth of real-world work experience. Over a third of Prime students identify as women and about 20% identify as people of color. More than 70% of students come in with an existing college degree and about 1 in 10 Prime students have a graduate-level degree. Prime’s programs have helped nearly 1,000 graduates transform their lives by starting new, meaningful careers in technology. The average alumni increases their income by 76% in their fi rst position after the program. That impact translates into an extremely engaged alumni network that fi ercely champions and supports new program grads as they enter the industry.

Here’s what a recent Prime grad had to say about their experience: “Prime does a great job of bringing in the right people who are ready for that challenge and surrounding me with people who are also geared for success. It seems to be a really inclusive space, and it’s at the forefront of their mind that they want to get diverse voices into tech to break down those barriers. They’re interested not only in making or creating outstanding developers, they’re interested in helping change the culture altogether.” That passion is attractive to employers looking to grow their business. More than 450 employers have hired Prime grads in the last five years helping them to grow and diversify their tech teams.

Community engagement is at the heart of Prime’s approach to education—professionals from the local tech scene are engaged as mentors and speakers in the program. And Prime students have given back by providing over 140,000 hours of pro-bono services to local nonprofits, social ventures, startups, and small businesses since the school’s launch. We believe diverse, bright and driven minds can author real change through software.

Are you ready to create a better tomorrow?

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