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It stands to reason that innovations in the city are spinning off in branding & communication and Bengaluru-based PRHUB is pushing the boundaries with its new offering of personal branding and an automated content platform.

Xavier Prabhu, Founder & Managing Director

“PRHUB has always punched above its weight and its influence/visibility extends beyond India. We are open to strategic opportunities that bring synergies or allow us to scale exponentially both within India and overseas.”

– Xavier Prabhu, Founder & Managing Director

A branding and communication specialist firm with national presence and extensive experience, PRHUB was founded in early 2002 by Xavier Prabhu. An old client from his last stint at a leading global PR firm signed a retainer, “even before there was actually a firm, solely based on his confidence in me”, recalls Xavier. It’s today among India’s leading independent, full-service communications firms, with offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai apart from own employees in Hyderabad and Kochi besides associates in 100+ locations across India.

It has in-house capabilities in social and digital marketing, content creation (including videos), and influencer engagement besides branding and marcom support. “We saw communication getting integrated and convergence as a trend earlier than most in our space. We invested in internal creative resources as early as 2008, in social media marketing in 2014 much before it became a fad and so on”, points out Xavier.

PRHUB has grown on the back of hard work and dedication of its employees many of whom have been with the firm for long. Sumathi Chari, Director and Sr. Partner, who has spent almost 15 years of her 17 year career is seen pictured here with Xavier PRabhu and the team in Bangalore.

Currently, it has two innovations in play, which the agency predicts would have deep impact on the PR space and beyond. The first is its investment in building a platform that automates the content coordination process and provides clients online access to content and progress updates. The content platform is expected to roll out later this year. The second innovation is its engine model for personal branding. “We were among the early birds in offering it as a specialized service and took the process/team approach whereas, most others took the personality-driven one,” says Xavier. He is confident that personal branding the way PRHUB has approached it, will revolutionize the way professionals invest and approach their personal brand building, initially in India and later globally.

Its accolades include being featured in the list of Top PR firms in India by Reputation Today in 2018. Xavier was recognized as among India’s 100 most influential PR & corporate communication professionals by Reputation Today in 2017 and Sumathi Chari, its Senior Partner was recognized among India’s top ‘40 under 40’ communication professionals by the same magazine in 2016. It has consistently won mentions in many industry reports.

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