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Potato works with brands to deliver digital products that people love—and they just happen to be some of the best in the world, including Google, Mozilla, and the BBC. We also launch our own ventures, and our approach gives us the freedom to experiment and focus on creating digital products that have a positive impact on people and the world around them.

In 2019 we won government funding to create a state-of-the-art immersive experience, redefining how audiences will interact with brands in the future. Together with Tiny Rebel Games, Sugar Creative, and University of South Wales Games, we founded ‘Fictioneers’, a venture dedicated to this ambitious project. The first initiative features Aardman’s iconic Wallace and Gromit characters, as well as the City of Bristol.

Bristol, a leading UK city in terms of innovation and home to many business HQs, was an obvious choice to open the second Potato studio not long after launching in London in 2010.

Our teams in Bristol are motivated by working with purposeful partners and startups. We’ve empowered our teams by giving them accountability for the products they design and develop. We’ve created a work environment where trust and transparency guide our decisions, and we continue to work with our partners to drive measurable change.

Potatoes have the freedom to think differently and are trusted to get things done, delivering digital products that break new ground.

In our mission to design, develop, and launch purposeful and effective digital products, we use rapid validation and iterative product development. By putting our ideas and assumptions to the test using prototypes and experiments, we create better products, prevent time and energy being wasted, and create happier teams and stakeholders.

Bristol is an integral part of our studio’s identity. We’re proud of our city and are driven to give back through our work and people wherever we can. We contribute to public sector hackathons, host coding workshops for beginners, provide mentors for STEM initiatives, and support the city’s diverse tech meet-up communities.

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