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Portable Electric® was born when CEO and Founder Mark Rabin recognized the absence of an alternative to a gas and diesel generator. In working with a B.C. running series that focused on climate change awareness, he was required to source power for the event that did not require fossil fuels. There were few options apparent. Solar panels alone wouldn’t work, you needed to have a means to convert that power directly into electricity – and what if it was cloudy?




Batteries store power, and when charged from a grid source like B.C.’s hydro, can be a clean source of energy. But an all-in-one battery, inverter, charger system of a big enough size to power an event didn’t exist. It was this inception moment that sparked the VOLTstack® – a complete renewable energy, battery electric, and solar, industrial-grade power system, capable of powering whatever a generator could.

Since that moment the company has focused on building a product and brand that will stand the test of time. But it all started with a deep understanding of what mattered to users.

The most important part was that the product worked. The initial prototypes didn’t need all the bells and whistles. They needed to deliver the power that they said they would, without fail, and when they were done with being used, they needed to charge as fast as possible.


With prototypes out in the field and rigorously tested and revamped via a newly founded green power rental shop, the company focused on R&D, in order to build the next generation of VOLTstack® units that work with a booming global industry – film.

These now commercially ready e-Generators™ have spread like wildfire amongst film professionals, who see the VOLTstack® as an integral tool to get the shots they want. The product has been so popular that it’s gone from behind the camera to in front of the camera, debuting as a gadget in the arsenal of Daniel Craig’s Bond, in his final film ‘No Time To Die’.




For Portable Electric, the goal is simple, electrify the world by providing a more reliable, safe, and clean energy alternative to fossil fuels. Make it simple to use. Make it fast to charge, to the point where charging is as fast as filling up a jerry-can. Bring power online, make people see it, and understand it.

Every interaction with a VOLTstack® in the world means someone gets to experience what the electrification and clean energy revolution feels like, sounds like, and smells like. Every new person who uses one is a person converted. No one ever goes back to using a generator.


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