Harnessing the Power of Quantam to Revolutionize Drug Discovery




POLARISqb is transforming the drug discovery process by using the power of Quantum Computing to narrow the field of candidate molecules from the billions to the dozens of potential leads.

Quantum computing is changing the world and carries with it the potential to revolutionize many industries; from finance to logistics, to our ability to fight infectious disease. While the promise of this technology is tremendous, currently it faces challenges of scalability and applicability that make it both difficult to implement and commercially unviable. This is where Polarisqb stands apart in the world of quantum drug discovery, bringing market-ready methods that utilize quantum-inspired computing to accelerate the identification of potential molecular assets by up to 90%. This technology can narrow the potential field of candidate molecules from billions to dozens in about the same amount of time that it takes to complete a traditional internet search.

In partnership with Fujitsu Global, we have used the Digital Annealer, a groundbreaking, quantum-inspired technology, to optimize single or multiple objective searches. The Digital Annealer uses heuristic approaches, rather than brute force, to efficiently search very large chemical spaces with unparalleled speed. As a case study, Polarisqb set the objective of identifying potential candidates to treat Dengue Fever, a mosquito-borne viral disease that threatens up to 40% of the world population with potentially deadly complications. There is no cure for Dengue Fever, and the current vaccine is effective only for people previously infected, as it may increase the risks of severe infections to healthy patients.

Statistics: Year Founded: 2020 Founded By: Dr. Shahar Keinan and Bill Shipman

Polarisqb engineers and chemists targeted the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase protein in the Dengue virus and developed a chemical library of over 1 billion molecules. Once this chemical library was constructed, we used the Digital Annealer to identify 977 potential drug candidates from the over billion molecules in the library. We filter out molecules with un-drug-like properties using AI/ML-based algorithms and accurately calculate binding affinity using QM/MM. This process of rapid combinatorial enumeration and the use of more accurate calculations to scan massive libraries has the potential to identify cures to many diseases that are currently untreatable in a fraction of the time and resources required for the traditional drug discovery process.

Polarisqb is at the cutting edge of the world of drug discovery, slashing timeframes, and costs of discovery processes multiple times over. As we continue to grow, the potential applications for this technology will change the world by developing treatments for previously incurable diseases and pandemics, revolutionizing drug discovery with quantum solutions never before used in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Polarisqb was founded with the mission of creating drug blueprints to treat and cure all diseases for all people. Employing some of the brightest computational chemists, computer scientists, and molecular researchers, the company is driving innovation in the sphere of drug discovery. Polarisqb seeks to create novel solutions to diseases and conditions that have previously proven untreatable.

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