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We are building tools and infrastructure that will make it easier for developers to build blockchain applications. Similar to how Amazon Web Services made it easy for application developers to access core components such as storage and compute, Pocket Network is the core infrastructure layer that gives the ability for developers to access any blockchain they choose to work with. We do this by building an open source blockchain that anyone can use, along with a set of open-source tools that any developer can put in their application to communicate to the blockchain

A “blockchain” in the most basic terms is a way to preserve and send value in a purely digital format without the need of a trusted third party like a bank or company. This value is created when the system is used, and instead of paying fees like a traditional business, a cryptocurrency is created and sent to whoever did work in the blockchain.
We believe there will be hundreds or thousands of blockchains governing our lives in the future. It makes no sense for each one of them to reinvent the wheel when it comes to hosting critical infrastructure for their developers. With Pocket Network, a blockchain would just need to write a simple plugin, and they will have access to a market of thousands of nodes to run their infrastructure.


Building in blockchain space exposes you to computer science, cryptography, economics, psychology, governance and game theory. When you’re creating your own blockchain, all of these factors need to be taken into consideration and thought about deeply. Blockchains are contained, economic experiments, and as protocol builders, we have to understand the social and economic decisions being made.
Pocket originally began as an idea called “TelCoin”, where we wanted to tokenize all cell phone data. This meant that I could be a T-Mobile customer in the US, and if I flew to Paris I wouldn’t have to get a new sim card or buy a new phone to communicate. We dove deeply into the problem and quickly realized that the infrastructure to create TelCoin didn’t exist – it was too early. We saw the need for this critical layer of giving developers access to the blockchains, and that’s how we came up with the idea for Pocket Network and started to build a company around it.
The Pocket Network was started with four partners: Michael O’Rourke, Luis C. De Leon, Pabel Nunez and Valeria Benitez Florez. As of writing, the founding team has grown to 16 people, including people dedicated to economic research, software engineering and communications.


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