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Playmaker Recruiting was born from the broken system that is college athlete recruiting, with the mission to help students and coaches navigate the complicated recruiting process, and provide greater access to opportunities at the next level. Having seen friends and family go through the college recruiting process, it was apparent how difficult the process was, especially for athletes without the means to travel or the media attention to attract college scouts. Seeing this first hand, it’s no surprise that every year we hear about impressive athletes who had to fight for scholarship offers, but then end up going pro and changing the game. Too often the players or schools with the most resources have greater access to opportunity, while others are left behind because of factors out of their control. Social Media and the internet have opened up sharing capabilities, but Playmaker is here to bring the recruiting process into the 21st century with a one-of-a-kind, purpose-built design for coaches, athletes, and recruiters.

Playmaker was designed to bridge the gap between high schools and colleges, but to do this effectively we know we need to offer real value to our high school users. Coaching staff have enough to worry about between winning games, administrative duties, and teaching classes. Our affordable dual-sided platform is purpose built for coaches and college recruiters, while keeping player data private and secure.

The Playmaker platform provides tools for high school coaches to save time during the season and out. Our game planning tools and advanced tendency breakdowns are designed for ease of use and to save coaches hours of time every week by assisting in the self-scouting and opponent scouting process. Playmaker automatically compiles production and performance metrics for their players, syncing these with their profile to streamline their recruiting updates, and processing and storing everything in one simple step.

Joseph Fischer, Founder and CEO, Playmaker Recruiting

Playmaker brings everything together by providing easy connection to data for college programs. Identifying and collecting information on recruits is one of the most tedious and time-consuming steps of the recruiting process. It is also the step that separates programs with different resources and leads to significantly different recruiting outcomes. Playmaker addresses this by providing a comprehensive look at a player’s production and measurables without any bias. Playmaker provides a greater depth of information than any other system available, while also covering more schools. Once we combine this with our one-of-a-kind search functions and recruiting workflow tracking capabilities, we create a unique resource at an extremely accessible price. This allows programs of every size to save time and money, elevating their programs to new heights.

By helping high school coaches, we also assist colleges. Playmaker provides a comprehensive database of players, regardless of location or resources, allowing players to show their abilities based on production, leveling the playing field and expanding opportunities for players everywhere. As the college sports scene continues to shift with new conference alignments and NIL, the difference between the haves and have nots has only grown. Playmaker is ready to be an equalizing force in the market, and we are prepared to help athletes everywhere succeed.

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