Personnel Development In Spain Goes Digital

A new form of human resources development is needed to successfully master global challenges. As one of the leading providers of E-learning and web-based trainings for effective and sustainable personnel development in companies, PINKTUM breaks new ground in Madrid’s start-up scene.

PINKTUM offers scientifically based personnel development in the digital world .The company has been operating successfully in the DACH region for more than 10 years. The new office in Madrid is an important step to open up the spanish speaking region.

PINKTUM is a leading e-learning company
E-trainings promote intercultural and barrier-free personnel development. PINKTUM’s internationally award-winning online library includes more than 300 video-based, interactive and multilingual E-trainings. Additionally, PINKTUM develops and offers modular learning paths for targeted competence development as blended learning. This way, learning is integrated into everyday work in a sustainable and targeted manner and self-motivation is activated.

The E-Trainings transform digital training in companies of all industries. At the highest level, with a unique didactic concept and an international localization strategy that adapts the trainings to the culture of local markets.

PINKTUM responds to global demand by going international

Quo vadis digital personnal development?

Digital training has experienced an enormous upswing due to the pandemic as more and more companies are turning to digital solutions. Gobal demand has also risen sharply. In order to provide high-quality E-trainings worldwide, PINKTUM is implementing a multistage localization strategy.

Our learning content is not only translated into the seven leading world languages. We also customize our e-training specifically for the cultural circumstances of each country in which we operate.

The first step includes videos with subtitles – this is standard practice in the industry. In addition, the E-trainings are localized with the following steps: The animations are translated and the soundtrack is recorded in the target language by a native speaker. And that’s not all: At the highest level of localization, the entire video set up is once again specifically adapted to the cultural space of the target language. This creates an authentic cultural flair.


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