It’s time to rethink rent! Through our state-of-the-art new management platform, we aim to transform the rental experience by making it the smartest and most rewarding part of everyone’s life.

Piñata is a PropTech company that is incorporating technology to the outdated industry of property management, which has lacked innovation and has historically been resistant to change. Our mission is to harmonize the relationship between landlord and tenant by leveraging technology to add unprecedented value with new ideas like the first membership reward program for renters. Our goal is to create a seamless platform that elegantly addresses all landlord requirements while simultaneously creating a turnkey solution for the renter including an easy payment platform, credit boosting engine, renter’s insurance, and much more!

Piñata is founded by Landlords and Renters for Landlords and Renters. So forget what you thought you knew. Piñata empowers all our customers to embrace a new normal.

So step up, swing big, and crack open the power of rent!

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