What shapes happiness in a company? Many have tried to answer this question, but perhaps not all made it with the art that PHC Software presents. For this business software company, management best practices drive happiness in a company, translating into speed, productivity, growth, wellbeing, and long-awaited profitability.

With some 226 employees spread over six offices  in five countries, PHC develops business software that empowers management. Always with speed at the core of their processes, collaboration, and decision making.

Being considered one of the best companies to work for in Portugal, with several awards for its human resources policies, PHC Software is known for its strong corporate culture that is rooted in three simple ideas: adapt & grow, cool but pro, and make an impact.

In Oeiras, its facilities were designed to redefine the experience of working in an office and assumes itself as an ecosystem of innovation, culture, and creativity far beyond a simple workplace.

The result is a growing company with a sales record in the past six years. The CEO, Ricardo Parreira, frequently says “happiness is profitable”, since the high levels of well-being in the company have been reflected for six consecutive years in its financial health.

At the moment, PHC Software has customers in more than 25 countries, with a total of 34,000 clients, and 159,000 users of its software. A global community with more than 400 certified partners who advise, implement and support their customers every day.

With the digital evolution of management, companies will increasingly need “better management for happier people”. This is the vision of PHC, realized by software that adapts to each company and provides the speed that the market expects.


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