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Our technology-enabled consulting services empower our experts to make better decisions in order to drive efficiency gains .


Beyond knowledgeable

PharmaLex is a leading provider of specialized services for the pharma, biotech and medical device industries.

We guide you from early strategic planning activities and non-clinical requirements through clinical development, regulatory submission processes and post-approval / maintenance post-launch activities. Our experts use technology-enabled solutions to support you through the entire product lifecycle. We deliver exceptional results – going above and beyond the standard to deliver tailor-made solutions worldwide.

PharmaLex has over 1000 employees across 33 offices in 21 countries. Our diversity provides a distinct advantage in an era when innovation, flexibility and creativity are key to competitiveness.


Beyond innovative

Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are revolutionizing many industries, helping enable increased productivity, improved quality and enhancing return on investment. At PharmaLex we combine our extensive global experience and deep understanding of pharmaceutical lifecycle processes with the development of our cloud-based platform for life sciences automation alongside key partnerships with leading technology vendors.

Through our technology-enabled services we are helping our customers to adopt and take advantage of innovative technologies to drive efficiency gains within their own operations. Helping the pharmaceutical industry to move away from relying on established, but increasingly outdated, systems and methodologies that were efficient many years ago, yet now prove to be a limiting factor in innovation and growth.

Most pharmaceutical companies have the raw ingredients at their fingertips – mass volumes of valuable historical data that can be analyzed to predict future outcomes. At PharmaLex we have the technology, know-how and experience to take these raw ingredients and realize real, immediate and lasting benefits for our customers – we call this Knowledge. Accelerated.

Beyond trusted

Expanding on our core business, we’ve built a trusted network of colleagues – PharmaLex Partnerships – unlike anything else in our industry. Our business model is beyond proven, with over 90% of our revenue from satisfied repeat customers. It is the powerful combination of ‘big picture’ thinking and targeted problem-solving that sets us apart. It’s also the fact that we genuinely like what we do and the people we work with. That is why we scale our solutions on your specific situation. From smaller organizations to multi-layered, multinational companies – all our clients are high priority. We take your business above and beyond.

PharmaLex is a leading provider of specialized services for the pharma, biotech and medical device industries. We have the capacity to scale to meet the demands of our clients and individual programs whilst ensuring a personal professional service which is at the very core of our client values.

Year Founded: 1994
CEO: Dr Thomas Dobmeyer


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