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Our History

Pfizer was founded in 1849 by two enterprising young cousins from Germany, Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart. The company’s success over the last 171 years was a result of its relentless commitment to excellence and innovation. From its earliest days, Pfizer has dedicated itself to producing medicines and vaccines that help people enjoy better and healthier lives. In the 1940s, Pfizer made medical history when it became the first company to successfully mass-produce penicillin, the world’s first miracle drug. A turning point in its own history as well, this milestone set the stage for Pfizer’s transformation from a producer of chemicals to a fully-fledged research-based pharmaceutical enterprise.

Today, Pfizer is present in more than 125 countries worldwide, with approximately 80,000 employees and 42 manufacturing facilities.

At Pfizer, we are certain that science can cure all diseases, and we endeavour to make this possible for all humanity. Because in the end, we believe science will win.

65 years in Portugal

Pfizer established in Portugal in 1955, having had so far a full and rewarding journey.
The organisation kept evolving, from a manufacturing site in Setubal region until the move to Lagoas Park in Oeiras in 2003, the current headquarters location.

Today, Pfizer is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Portugal with approximately 201 employees.

Every day we seek to go above and beyond the limits of science, responding step by step to unmet medical needs in several areas – inflammation, anti-infectives, rare diseases, oncology, vaccines, pain, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases – whilst honouring our main purpose – breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

Pfizer Awards

Pfizer Research Awards are the oldest biomedical research award in Portugal, resulting from a partnership between Pfizer and the Society of Medical Sciences of Lisbon, with the aim to contribute towards the promotion of research in health sciences.

Created in 1956, the Pfizer Awards distinguish the best works in the field of basic and clinical research. Over the last 64 years, Pfizer Awards have distinguished more than 700 researchers, and are recognized as the most prestigious biomedical award in the country.

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