Among the supplies is the supply of computer hardware, software & accessories i.e., CPU’s, computers, printers, mouse pads, computer parts, fax machines, floppy disks, kettles, VDU, etc.

We believe in supplying that which we specialise in. However, Petrova Empire also supplies mobile and web software solutions.

We figured, since we understand computers better, we would be the best fit to supply companies with technological equipment suited for the company. Who better to supply and install computers than people who have studied computers? Most companies are going mobile, individuals always have their mobile devices and Petrova Empire delivers mobile solutions.

Petrova Empire is not just a supplies company, it is a company with a great vision and supplies is just a steppingstone to help finance the great technological future ahead. A lot of computing students struggle to find jobs after graduation, staying at home a lot has proven to be very depressing and so graduates tend to try get any job just so they can get out of the house, and that is four years of study down the drain.

The vision is to build a development centre where any programmer with a vision, but no equipment can come and share their expertise at the centre. Some are designers, frontend developers, backend developers, database experts and them coming together is what I believe will make Botswana a great country in a few years.

Petrova Empire (pty) ltd is a 100% Motswana owned company. The company was founded in January 2020, founded, and directed by Karabo Toddy Mogorosi. The director of this company founded the company in her final semester, with a sole purpose of one day employing the youth and empowering women in science.

After her attachment at Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation and meeting wonderful women in the field she found inspiration to start her company to provide a place for women in science and inspire the upcoming ladies to take adventure in the field of .

We supply companies with equipment that keeps the office running.

• Supplies of computer hardware, software, and accessories
• Farming equipment and spares
• Cleaning equipment and chemicals
• Mobile and Web Development system design
• Maintenance and Support of software
• Stationery, office equipment and furniture
• Hardware and building materials
• Protective clothing
• Lubricants and spares
• Food commodities

At Petrova Empire we pride ourselves with:
• Providing Cost-Effective Solutions
• Satisfactory services
• Top notch mobile and web software solution
• Provision of computers by people who know computers in and out
• Within the first two months of computer equipment installation, the company can call us for free should any difficulties arise
• Having a team comprising of young women with great minds eager to make a change in the technology world

Vision for the future
To become a company employed with as much youth as it can accommodate and lead in the provision of the best mobile and web solutions, but with the company growing and accommodating young people in technology, and to be the best in all technological aspects.

A development center for those who have not found jobs to come and develop their ideas and make our country great.


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