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A Journey From Engineering To Photography

Hi, I’m Matt. I’m 27 and settled with a lovely home with a beautiful girlfriend, my 2 gorgeous daughters and our little French bulldog cross pug. I’ve never been a great wordsmith but I will attempt to tell you a little story about myself.

I was brought into this world in August 1990 by two loving parents who’s positivity and determination made me the man I am today. They’ve always encouraged me to be creative and have an Inventive imagination. With a nudge of inspiration from my elders, I suddenly became fascinated with how things worked. I spent my days as a child taking things apart and discovering just how interesting life truly was. This fascination with being somewhat destructive slowly turned into creativity. My attention slowly turned to the mechanical world of engineering.

My education years from secondary school through to college enabled me to secure myself a National Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering with the highest pass rate. It wasn’t long before I got myself a job working and building the wings for one of the UK’s leading aircraft manufacturers. After several years of focusing on work, my brother introduced me to the world of photography. I was immersed in the variability and workmanship that it involved. With a generous hand me down, A sony A200, I was able to use my ingenuity to swiftly learn the process of composition and construction of an image.

That past 3 years have given me time to saturate my brain with the world of photography. I draw inspiration from some of the most current photographers across every genre. I like to think that I treat my photography like I treat my work.

To build a Wing means that every component is inspected and crafted to the highest possible standard. I try to take this principle and adopt it into my Photography.

I have now decided to pursue a career as a photographer. I know where I’d love to end up in my life but that bit is not important. I’m just enjoying going out meeting new people and doing something I love. I just hope I can inspire you to do the same.

Perkspective Photography

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