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PerkSpot was founded by good people with a great mission: to inspire employees everywhere to love where they work. Where did that mission come from? Our understanding that there was a need—from CEOs all the way down to new hires—to improve the relationship between the employer and the employee.

Founder and Executive Chairman, Chris Hill, started PerkSpot out of his Chicago home in 2006, where he was living the typical entrepreneur lifestyle of ramen noodles and no guaranteed paychecks. As Chris launched into the HR technology space, he founded both PerkSpot and our sister company that sold in 2014, Spotlite, which focused on benefits enrollments.

Quickly, Chris discovered that employers were struggling to find a way to offer their employees an additional benefit that helped improve their financial wellness. What worked for or benefited some employees rarely worked for others, and employers found it increasingly difficult to come up with a solution that satisfies an entire workforce of diverse employees, while still staying under budget and matching the culture and values of their company. Enter, PerkSpot.

PerkSpot is an employer-sponsored discounts and recognition program that bundles thousands of exclusive discounts from some of the nation’s leading brands, as well as local and small businesses, into one easy-to-use, accessible, and intuitive platform. Our marketplace helps employees save time and money when making important purchasing decisions, and we play an important role in promoting financial wellness and helping employers attract, engage, retain, and reward their employees.

What started as a way for employees to access hundreds of exclusive discounts has grown and transformed into so much more. But, along the way, we’ve always been quick to understand, innovate, and fulfill the needs of employers in the human resources and employee benefits space. When there was a call for a financial wellness employee benefit, PerkSpot offered thousands of discounts that would help employees save.

When employers began to understand the importance of improving their employees’ health, PerkSpot offered wellness discounts to local and nationwide gyms, gym equipment, and more. When employees were seeking recognition for a job well done and employers discovered the value in providing monetary rewards, PerkSpot stepped in with an automated platform that allowed managers to offer a real-time, meaningful recognition program that satisfied those needs.

PerkSpot is unique in the fact that our innovativeness is two-fold. As a company, we have worked hard to launch, establish, and develop our product to keep up with the growing demands of the field we work in. But beyond that, we have allowed for innovation as well. We’ve developed a platform that businesses, small and large, could use to advertise interesting, innovative, cutting-edge products and services to employees, allowing them to grow their business and reach a wider clientele.

We offer employees a way to access more financial freedom and, in turn, they have the room to create, achieve, inspire, and engage. We like to say that offering PerkSpot as an employee benefit is a way to offer your employees more: more freedom, more flexibility, more comfort, and more space to grow, develop, learn.

With tens of thousands of discounts and over 25 different categories available on our platform, there is something for everyone on PerkSpot. We’ve partnered with nearly one thousand leading employers across the country to help employees achieve a healthier state of financial wellness and flexibility, and we look forward to continuing to improve our product, answer the needs of our industry, and inspire innovation, both within our company and in employees everywhere.

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