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Performix is a Minnesota based software development and IT consulting company with global presence serving the community since 1997.

They have passion and expertise in mobile apps delivery (connecting IoTs and other devices), Cloud (Azure and AWS), and analytics (including visualization, AI, and big data).

Performix has been a long-time member and supporter of the business community—and has partnered successfully with many other corporations.

They serve Fortune 500s, mid-size companies, startups, and various local and federal government agencies using their IT consulting and application development services. Performix leverages its rich experience in business intelligence to work on critical data-related projects.

They understand data at a qualitative and quantitative level and can provide multiple channels of it efficiently.

Performix has assisted customers in analyzing and structuring their data, whether it’s big data or small, and their mobile apps and web apps delivery make sure that Performix has considered all known end-user platforms to create an optimal solution.

Here is an historical perspective with Performix:

In 1997 at Performix was all about creating applications to bring clean data into data warehouses. This allowed Performix clients to have reliable data for reporting.

In 2000, Performix started participating in the delivery of the data via web application/web portals. They also started working on delivering data on smaller Mobile devices (Palm OS/Windows Mobile at the time).

Beginning in 2007, with the advent of Apple App Store—the Performix Mobile Application development journey got a big boost with the Android and began building comparable Mobile Apps.

They built applications cross-industry, including engineering, manufacturing, healtchare, government, retail, and nonprofit. Since 2016 Performix application-development experience and expertise evolved into several application areas that integrate well with traditional business.

This includes areas such as Internet of Things; cognitive computing and Artificial Intelligence; smart chatbots and other natural language processing applications; advanced techniques such as machine learning and deep learning for analytics or business-transforming applications; blockchain and other Fintech technologies; and various aspects of Cloud Computing, such as hybrid clouds, containerization, microservices, and Hadoop/Spark-based applications.

In 2018 the Performix mindset included a solution-oriented strategy benefiting clients and the end user. They have always looked for the most optimal and viable solution for their clients in their use of data.


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7400 Metro Blvd, Suite 390 Edina, MN 55439

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