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Founded in 2005 by colleagues Dave Donald and Ryan Clark, PeopleShare has risen to become one of the largest and most respected staffing agencies in the region, climbing the INC 500 and Best Places to Work charts for more than a decade.

Our founders, Dave and Ryan

We have been featured for the last 11 consecutive years! This was this year’s award ceremony

The company has a three-pronged business focus: temporary staffing, on-site staffing, and managed service provider programs, a revolutionary idea that has brought the company to over 20 states in the nation.

PeopleShare’s success is based on the simple principle of investing in people: candidates, clients, and employees. While this may seem like an easy task, the manner in which PeopleShare executes this philosophy is rare and inventive- and unlike any other competitor.

Investing in Candidates & Clients
To rise above the rest, PeopleShare uses an exclusive blend of valued processes and technology. The company’s use of PeopleView technology offers clients real-life insight into a candidate before selecting them for an interview. Candidates record a sample video to showcase their personality and poise before a face-to-face interview, saving time and money for clients, allowing them to bring in only those that align with their specific needs.

PeopleShare has opened eighteen branches since 2005, with an emphasis in the Philadelphia region. Valuing the accessibility of the close proximity of their clients and candidates, the company has enacted a unique hour per mile rule. For example, for a candidate to work for $12 per hour, they should only travel twelve miles or less to their workplace. Both of these strategic moves have led to the largest database of active candidates and clients in the area.

During the job placement process, a recruiter meets with each candidate three times before beginning a work assignment: performing initial interviews, interview preparation, and orientation, ensuring the candidate is fully prepared and ready to start to work the moment they step through the company’s doors.

Many of the employees together in one photo!

Thinking Outside the Staffing Box
Expanding their reach even further than the local market, in 2010, PeopleShare embarked on an unprecedented staffing idea that is gaining traction across the nation. The company approached the largest healthcare insurance provider in America with an idea: a partnership to locate and train hundreds of candidates to become licensed health care agents. PeopleShare’s vision became a reality: sourcing candidates, hiring instructors, training and preparing them to pass state licensure tests and accept their new position. By investing in these candidates and providing them with the skills to begin their careers, PeopleShare presents trained candidates in a fraction of the time that it would take the company to produce the same results.

Investing in Employees
PeopleShare acknowledges that employing exceptional employees and a top management team are the backbone of a successful company. From the very first day, the organization invests in the employees- beginning with an intensive and comprehensive training plan. New and seasoned employees attend in-depth onboarding, monthly workgroups and training exercises, building confidence with a strong emphasis on self-accountability.

The future of PeopleShare is clear to co-founder Dave Donald: keep investing in employees and clients, and the business will continue to thrive. “Our success directly correlates to the dedication that our employees bring to work each day,” says Dave. “We want our clients, candidates, and employees to know that they are the reason we keep growing.”

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