Peer Guidance is a Purpose Before Profit company that focuses on helping companies grow, scale, spend their money wisely and get ready for investment. We are very hands on and have honest and challenging conversations. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, and you may not know where to go for advice. We are proud to be that trusted company that people reach out to for this advice.

Jade Alberts Founder Peer Guidance

I have 30-40 meetings a week, and many of these conversations lead me to introduce them to others. We may not be able to help some of these companies, but it is vital to put them in touch with someone that can. We do not focus on the almighty dollar, and that sets us apart from others. We have had many people contact us saying, so and so, told me to contact you. That puts a smile on my face every time I hear that.

Koleya Karringten Founder Absolute Combustion

We talk about their successes and failures. These conversations spur on a new plan of attack. Our focus is growth and sales because, without this, you may lose your company. Our group has vast knowledge experience in many sectors that our clients can learn from.

Peter Lafontaine Executive Chairman Rainforest Energy

Because we are a Purpose Before Profit group, this allows us to charge what the client can afford. We have worked with companies from Business Plan to launch and not charged them a cent. Our goal is for you not to be our client. We want to get you to a point where you need more help and hire people in-house or hire more full-time companies.

Another thing that makes us different is our Hand-Shake honesty policy. We do not have contracts, and if you are not happy, we can introduce you to someone that fits your needs better. We have not had anyone leave (knock on wood), but this shows that we stand behind and take pride in you and your business. We want to be viewed as a partner, and nothing says this more than waiving all the fees for all our clients during COVID. It was important that all money be used to keep the business alive or help them pay bills for their family. We continued all the work like we were being paid, which shows that we care about the people as much as the business.

Dafne Canales ees Founder Trustini

I host a weekly Facebook Live Show every Wednesday at 9.30am MST called “Telling It Like It Is.” This 30-minute show focuses on start-ups, entrepreneurs and gives them a platform to shout their story from the mountain tops. We need to start telling these stories earlier because they don’t become great once they are investable. I also am a Startup TNT Ambassador and Investor. We host Investment Summits that have handed out almost 3 million dollars to companies in the last two years. Startup TNT has raised Alberta companies’ profile and is one of the main reason’s investments are rising in Alberta.

Mo Aladin Founder Big Sky IT / HR

Our biggest inspiration is helping startups and entrepreneurs succeed. We have been nominated for Start Alberta support company of the year and were honoured by the nomination. I want to end this by saying Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, and we are here to help you succeed. Please do not take this journey alone, it is more fun, and you have a better chance of success with a team.

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