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PeduL is a scholarship-marketplace where students can apply to multiple scholarships with a single application and a scholarship builder for individuals, organizations, and corporations.

PeduL is a company born out of the dormitories at Rutgers University. Students were both frustrated with the scholarship industry and tired of seeing their friends drop out of school because of a lack of funds. So they decided to do something. After assembling a team, founders Chisa Egbelu and Kayla Jackson went on to create a true marketplace for scholarships.

It took the form of a platform that allowed students to apply for more scholarships than ever, in less time than ever before. On the flip side, scholarship providers could manage their scholarships, applications, and incentives. It wasn’t long before PeduL began revolutionizing the recruiting industry.

With thousands of students coming on to the PeduL platform, companies were able to hyper-target specific groups and create pipelines of talent from across the country.

In a world that calls for a more diverse workforce in order to succeed, companies cannot simply post job listings as specific as “woman programmer” or “African-American data scientist”—but what they can do is use PeduL to create scholarships for that exact reason, turning their scholarship application pool into a specified-candidate pipeline prime for development.

This innovative approach to pipeline-building landed PeduL in publications across the country, from Bloomberg, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, NBC, and others. It also earned the young company relationships with companies like Audible, Amazon, Prudential, and Panasonic.

PeduL is a proud Brick City (Newark, New Jersey) company that has built a marketplace based on impact.

From its beginnings in keeping students in school thanks to its scholarship platform, PeduL has built its pipeline into a new way for companies to recruit and develop the talent they want—completing the cycle for college students who dream of a fruitful and stable future.

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