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Creating a services group from the ground up, focused on relentless innovation on Customer Experience, on understanding people, the consumer, the clients. This is the lifelong journey of WYgroup. And it continues to be. Since the first offer, web and digital communication back in 2001, going to the first expert mobile development company, in 2009, to the most advanced data and analytics services offering, in 2011. We continuing to grab all the realm of innovation, digital, technology and user experience brings to market, to always be in the forefront of best practices and innovation. And providing them to our clients via expert consulting services.

Today with 320 talented people, and expecting to be 400 at the end of the year, WYgroup is the largest, most innovative services group focused in Customer Experience, operating in Portugal. We do this through the three pillars of CX. 1) creativity and communication 2) product development, and 3) data and digital media management. All based in innovation, and we have made this journey in Oeiras where we moved back to in 2004. We now occupy the most beautiful office space on Planet Earth, facing the Santo Amaro de Oeiras beach.

This place and Oeiras are an integral part of a key aspect of innovation: Attracting the best talent and having an outstanding physical space where talent meet, mingle and create. Innovate.

Innovation is not easy. It requires understanding the basic needs of the user of a product. A Human Being. For this we need a lot of letting loose of the past, we need talent that gets it, that merges science and technology but also art and design. That understand the relentless pursuit of the scientific method, but also the things that we cannot see. The empathy, the aesthetics, the ground principles of what one person needs and wants, a core aspect of Customer Experience delivery and innovation.

The future is digital, it is technology, but will be more and more that understanding, that humanity is more of social relationships, the understanding of beauty, the senses, the love and passion, the continuous need of learning to be better. And that is not data, not cold hard process. No company, no product, no brand, can live without clearly understanding that the core of a product is not data. It is the basic and advanced needs of a Human Being. And its ever evolving complexity and nuances.

WYgroup is now a group of talented software engineers, designers, data scientists, consultants, UX/UI specialists, copywriters and so much more, that in teams of expert talent enables us to provide not only a product but more, innovation solutions that are based on the new, on what will be, and the needs of the client. We will continue to grow based on absolute focus on the only thing that differentiates a company. Makes it more relevant to its customers. And defends its competitive positioning: Innovation. And of course, to do all of this out of Oeiras.

Pedro is CEO, founder and co-owner of WYgroup holding company focused on customer experience and its three pillars: Digital Product, Branding and Content and Data and Marketing tools. Currently with a portfolio of 7 companies and more than 320 employees. Growing from zero in 2001, WYgroup is now the largest independent Marketing group operating in Portugal and the second largest operating out of Portugal with billings in excess of 20M Eur. He is Business Angel of more than 2M invested funds in seed capital. He is a lecturer at ISEG, ISCTE, novaSBE and Lisbon Digital School in the fields of Product and Branding Strategy, Digital Marketing and Innovation for Post Graduates and Executive Education. Studied Electrotechnical Engineering at IST, Competitive Marketing Strategies at Wharton School – University of Pennsylvania, attended the PAEGI at Católica-Lisbon, and the Advanced Management Program at Kellogg and Católica- -Lisbon. He is Vice President at the Make-a-Wish Foundation in Portugal. He is also Entrepreneur’s Organization Europe Growth Director. Father of two, living in Oeiras, Portugal.

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