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Every Professional License And Certification Tells A Story




Each day, millions of people around the world pursue new opportunities through licensing and certification.

Whether seeking a new qualification or career or gaining admission to a university or business school, people everywhere are being empowered to embrace new skills through certification.

Through innovative and secure computer-based testing, Pearson VUE enables people to grow professionally, to contribute to their communities, and to drive positive change.

We’ve been the global leader in computerbased testing technology for high-stakes professional organizations since 1994.

From online practice tests to proctored exams that require the industry’s most secure testing environments,  we deliver 15 million exams in more than 20,000 test centers across 180 countries every year – that’s an exam every 2.1 seconds!

A cutting-edge innovator in the local Minnesota EdTech community, as well as a global organization with over 4,500 employees, we celebrated an important milestone in 2019 – our 25th year in the assessment industry.

A lot has changed in our industry during the past quarter-century, and we are committed to creating innovative test technologies and solutions that push the boundaries to keep pace with ever-evolving technologies. By staying on the cutting edge, we’re ensuring that industries around the world can maintain the integrity of the professions that matter most, while also delivering exams through technologies that drive growth and empower individuals.


In a fast-paced world where high-stakes exams validate qualifications and skills for professionals who protect the safety and well-being of our communities, we’ve led our industry through many technological disruptions.

Most recently, the advent of online proctoring has transformed our sector, redefining when and where a candidate can test without jeopardizing the perceived security of the exam and testing process. With our OnVUE platform, we’re reimagining testing for the next generation.

As the global assessments industry evolves to meet the changing expectations of those who study for high stakes exams and pursue new certifications or licenses, we’re investing in new technologies that put reliability and accessibility at the forefront.

Our clients represent a broad range of market sectors which are responsible for ensuring the best professionals within their industry are confirmed. To meet this growing and diverse need, we offer a wide array of innovative test modalities. Online proctoring allows candidates to test from the most remote parts of the world, and our observational and performancebased testing allow customers to create test environments that simulate real-world scenarios, further enhancing the accuracy of skills measurement.

Modular testing and micro-credentials appeal to the busy lifestyles of today. We’re also investing in artificial intelligence (AI). Our AI algorithms can deliver fast and accurate exam scores, identify potential fraud, and assess a person’s speech or writing with lightning speed. The convenience, quality, and reliability of our technology is what defines us.

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