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Peak Power is a Canadian climate tech company at the forefront of the energy transition. We are the only company bringing together batteries, grid-interactive buildings, and bi-directional electric vehicles into one technology platform, Peak Synergy. This technology enables our commercial and industrial real estate partners to achieve net-zero goals, cut operating expenses, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Peak Power team members and Peak Synergy decarbonization platform.

Peak Synergy decarbonization platform uses AI and advanced software for visibility, controllability, and optimization of energy assets:

• Battery Energy Storage Systems: When paired with our proprietary software, battery storage systems communicate with the building and the grid, charging and discharging at the most opportune moments.
• Grid-Interactive Buildings: Peak Synergy software uses signals from electricity markets to help building owners and operators maximize value and decarbonize their operations.
• Bi-Directional Electric Vehicles: Our decarbonization platform can charge and discharge electric vehicles strategically to supply backup energy to buildings or reduce load during periods of peak demand, while ensuring drivers have enough power to get home.

These assets are central to developing a cleaner and more flexible electricity grid.

Peak Drive Vehicle-to-Grid Pilot in Downtown Toronto

Innovation at Work
Our drive to transform the energy sector has led us to conduct several innovative projects, including:

1. Performing the first dispatch of buildings, batteries, and electric vehicles as a single source of energy in Ontario. Peak Power responded to a demand event with a combination of these disparate assets.
2. Building and operating the largest virtual power plant in Westchester County, New York, in partnership with Kruger Energy. Four commercial office buildings equipped with batteries supply energy back to the grid.
3. In partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation, operating what is believed to be the first battery in California that supplies energy to the facility and the grid.

Left to right: , CSO and Late Co-Founder Imran Noorani, CEO and Co-Founder Derek Lim Soo, and COO and Co-Founder Matthew Sachs

Looking Ahead
By focusing on the software solutions that forecast grid needs and optimize the operation of energy storage assets, Peak Power was able to carve out a niche helping building owners and developers get greater returns from their investments.

That focus has led to a 2x growth of our company year-over-year since 2018. In the coming years, this pace of growth is set to rapidly accelerate as policy and regulations support our move to a net zero economy.

At Peak Power, we believe that by balancing economic and environmental interests we can enable meaningful greenhouse gas reductions in the building sector. Our solution doesn’t just reduce emissions, it makes it profitable for the building sector to get to net zero.

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