Peak Power is a CleanTech company with a vision of driving the clean energy future that all generations deserve. We develop AI-powered software that operates at the intersection of real estate, energy, and transportation. Together, these sectors make up 2/3rd of global GHG emissions. As a result, change within these sectors can make a huge impact. Our solution opens a new revenue source for commercial building owners while creating a cleaner energy future.

Our solution transforms commercial buildings into distributed energy resources – not only do they consume electricity, but they can also provide it back to the grid as well. We do this through our AI-enabled platform. The software provides:
• Intelligent Energy Management – Lightweight IoT-based sensors that act like a fitness tracker for buildings. These provide real-time insights on energy use to reduce costs and environmental impact.
• Energy Storage Solutions – Management of onsite batteries to generate new energy market revenue.
• Future Proofing for Electric Vehicles – Smart charging and vehicle to-grid integration helps buildings manage charging costs and unlock revenue.


As a result, buildings make money through grid services, while simultaneously providing environmental benefit and grid stability. Our software works to “put the environment on the balance sheet” so that sectors contributing to climate change can also be the solution.

Innovation at Work
Our drive to transform the energy sector has led us to conduct several “world’s firsts”, including:
1. Performing the first dispatch of a behind the-meter battery in Ontario. This battery responds to peak energy demand events by reducing the building’s need for grid power at this time.
2. Building and operating the largest Virtual Power Plant in Westchester County, NY, in partnership with Kruger Energy. Four commercial office buildings equipped with batteries provide energy back their utility.
3. Operating what is believed to be the first “through-the-meter” battery in California in partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation. This battery supplies energy to the facility as well as the power grid.
4. Peak responded to a grid peak demand event in Toronto by co-optimizing multiple asset types (4 batteries and 12 electric cars). This reduced strain on the electricity grid while generating value and carbon reductions for all stakeholders.

CEO and Co-Founder Derek Lim Soo

Pivoting During a Pandemic
In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic inspired a shift from using our IoT platform to track energy data to tracking indoor air quality. This created a new way for building owners and tenants to safely reopen offices. The solution also opened us up to new customers: schools and healthcare facilities that need to be certain their spaces are safe.

COO and Co-Founder Matthew Sachs

Our energy offerings remain core to our business, but the indoor air quality offering that emerged provided a new mandate for us to improve the health of building occupants as well as the planet.

CSO and Late Co-Founder Imran Noorani

Looking Ahead
Since 2018, Peak has continually doubled our growth. In the coming years this pace will rapidly accelerate due to government regulations towards a clean economy. Peak has found itself at the epicenter of three megatrends: the decarbonization of energy, the electrification of transport, and the recognition of buildings as contributors to a flexible energy grid. With our objective of putting the environment on the balance sheet, we will be the catalyst for deep decarbonization for the largest contributors of global emissions.


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