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The messy story behind meat
By 2030, we’ll reach a global population of almost 10 billion. Worldwide demand for food is soaring, and so is the demand for meat. Despite the growing popularity of plant-based diets, meat is still an important part of the daily menu across the globe. With good reason, because meat is nutritious and bloody delicious.

Sadly, the story behind mass-produced meat is less savory. From widespread deforestation for grazing and fodder, pollution of land and water, greenhouse gas emissions to dire livestock living conditions. If we want to keep feeding ourselves and future generations, it’s time to grab the bull by the horns.

Meet Peace of Meat
Now what if we could enjoy all the pleasures of meat while leaving cows and other creatures at peace? That’s the mission of Peace of Meat: a Belgian-based B2B-supplier of tasty cultured products. As a first product, their international team of scientists has developed an avian stem cell-based technology to produce animal fats at industrial scale. These cultured fats offer the authentic flavor, texture and juiciness of real meat to plant-based protein products.

So much better than the real deal
Don’t think cultured meat sounds too tasty? Holy cow, wait until you hear about the benefits!

First, you get 100% meaty goodness while drastically reducing your impact on the planet and on the lives of animals. Next, cultured meat is a much safer way to eat animal protein, fat and tissue than traditional meat, as it’s produced in sterile and controlled environments. Last but not least, cellular meat isn’t tied to environmental factors (e.g. weather, climate, diseases) and can be reproduced continuously. This way, it offers a much more secure and sustainable food supply – for ourselves and for generations to come.

Got a taste for cultured meat?

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