PCG Software is a multi-award-winning, youth-led software development startup that offers bespoke digital solutions. We offer a diverse range of services including planning and consulting, back-end integrations, application development, testing and maintenance to deliver quality software apps that work across multiple platforms and devices.

From left to right: Michael Mavuso - business consultant, Babedi Pule - Business development, Lorato Ncube - UI/UX designer, Innocent Kebosedilekae - AR/VR Developer

Our story began as a journey of faith, determination and ambition to change the status quo in Botswana. Digital adoption is still at infancy stages, and where there is appetite, most large corporations and Government often prefer to import tech experts for their solution needs, whereas most middle scale businesses are yet to develop sustainable appetite for digitization.

Our founder Letsibogo, a qualified Computer Systems Engineer by trade, resolved to devote his skillsets towards establishing a business that would be at the forefront of developing technology-driven solutions that address Botswana’s most pressing socio-economic challenges. Bubbling with determination and ideas inspired by an exposure to world-class tech-innovations, whilst living and studying in the UK, the ambitious developer’s bedroom soon became a makeshift office as he toiled away in efforts of launching his entrepreneurial journey. He competed in various innovation challenges and start-up competitions often making placement position in most of them.

Letsibogo Ramadi Founder / Director

The prize monies from these competitions and contracts signed thereafter provided crucial seed funding and resources for the startup, fueling growth and expansion from a one-man operation to a rapidly growing team of nine talented engineers, designers and business professionals. The startup is gaining traction in the local market, delivering solutions and services to a growing portfolio of high-profile clients including the Government of Botswana and stock-exchange listed entities.

From the right – Ricardo Nkgau, Jackson Pheaga, Babedi Pule, Letsibogo Ramadi, Gosiame Gaseitsiwe, Kingsley Matshaba, Lorato Ncube, MichaeL Mavuso, Innocent Kebosedilekae

Presently, PCG has two market live solutions namely, OneGov; Botswana government’s e-services platform and MogwebiQuest; a financial and business literacy role-playing mobile game developed in partnership with a leading financial services firm in the country. We are also developing a pipeline of tech led solutions; currently at different implementation stages, that give local entrepreneurs and SMME’s increased access to markets, business development resources and technology to enhance operations. One of note is Mogwebi CyberPlaza, a hyper-interactive trade and networking marketplace aimed at fostering intra-African trade. It’s an innovation that will help businesses connect and collaborate to realize the aspirations of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement.

Although Botswana’s digital eco-system is still growing through infancy, we strongly believe that with all its resources, economic potential and good governance principles, it presents an unprecedented opportunity for technology innovation to drive economic prosperity.

PCG Software is here to seize the opportunity and plans to leverage disruptive technologies to develop solutions across key sectors such as financial services, customer service and logistics. Our plans for the future are to continue growing strong not only in Botswana but across the region as an industry leader in inclusive and empowering tech solutions.

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