PCB Solutions is a Geel-based company, specialized in PCB-prototyping and assembly.

A PCB or printed circuit board contains all sorts of different electronic components that are connected through copper tracks, also called rails. On these print boards the components are placed through which they can execute certain functions. PCBs are found in electronic devices and machines, computers, etc.

PCB Solutions supports companies in the most diverse sectors in designing, producing and repairing print boards.

Design, repair or total project? The customer will find a tailor-made solution here.


PCB Solutions is mainly in charge of total projects. Most customers therefore come to us with the proverbial blank page.
– You need a technical solution, but you don’t see a starting point for a working concept.
– You have a great idea, but you can’t quite get the concept clear.
– In theory your idea is genius, but you bump into technical issues upon implementation.

Our technician and the customer sit around the table to join forces and share knowledge.

In a more advanced phase, and upon the customer’s request, the PCB Solutions team shares their expertise to further optimise the product.

PCB Solutions is an SME with a family atmosphere.

Katrin De Preter heads the company as the general manager. Rudy Ruts, her husband, is the operations manager that leads the technical crew.

The procedure within the company adheres to the following characteristics:
– PCB Solutions has a horizontal company structure, so customers can always refer to the same point of contact regarding a certain expertise.
– A multidisciplinary team listens to the customer and their story. In doing so, they can provide in the required tailormade solutions, exactly how the customer demands it. No run-of-the-mill solutions, but authentic products of impeccable quality, catering to specific needs and desires.
Multiple ways of contact so everyone can choose the channel that works best for them.
Sudden issues or last-minute alterations in your planning or product? They’ll do their utmost best for a quick and suitable solution.

Low-volume prints are necessary for test procedures or small-time projects. It’s often no simple task to choose the right partner that can provide these low-volume prints.

PCB Solutions processes anywhere from 1 to 1.000 prints.

A sudden need for a higher volume? No worries.
Producing on-demand is an often-requested service. It has numerous advantages:
– PCB Solutions quickly and easily adapts to the customer’s demands.
– The customer has no excess stock.
– The customer’s costs are spread since the entire lot isn’t delivered in one run.
– This way of working reduces costs of production since materials are purchased for the entire on-demand order at once.

Take everything for granted? Implementing without thinking?

Sorry; that’s not the way forward at PCB Solutions. While they don’t judge certain arrangements, they will contact the consumer when they notice things that may cause conflicts.

Why go through all that trouble?

Because the product needs to meet the correct standards.

A print board is a crucial component of a qualitative, safe and reliable product that the customer brings to market. Nothing can be left to coincidence.

Isn’t that responsibility entirely on the customer’s side?

No! It’s our shared responsibility, because we are a team!

Are the controls of a machine failing?

Do you as a wholesaler often have recurring (wear and tear) failures on your products’ printing boards? Do you want to offer your customers a sustainable solution rather than selling them a new PCB?

In both cases PCB Solutions is there to resolve your issues. For repetitive repair orders we build test rigs to guarantee the quality of repairs.

Have a look at our website, send us an email or swing by our office. The entire team is ready to give you a warm welcome and listen to your story. Together they’ll figure out how to lift your product to the next level.


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