Paulman Holdings is a wholly citizen-owned company founded in 2010 with the sole vision of becoming the most trusted and respected company, recognized by their clients for delivering excellence whilst simultaneously creating new opportunities for growth in their respective fields.

Their main venture is the transportation of goods and services locally (Botswana) & across the continent thus supporting both local and international road freight transport. This includes individual and combined transport, oversized cargo, and partial loads. They operate through a trusted network of road freight carriers, who have all passed an extensive screening process.

Built on the foundation and experience of serving the transport needs of industry clients since its inception in 2010, the company has gradually expanded into new horizons that include the commercial transportation of goods and services around Southern Africa.

Their portfolio of transportation logistics is flexible, efficient, and dynamically in tune with your operation so you can get your products and services to your customers. They have an accessible, engaged management team to handle your urgent shipments. Their expertise, service and technology ensure that they provide unique, reliable, and cost-effective transport at all times.

Talking about technology and innovation, they have partnered with a tech company to develop an app platform that allows for one to book their fleet options at the comfort of their hands either as a dedicated or shared load (similar to how Uber operates but for trucks). With their vast experience over the years, they have come into this partnership as a 3rd party logistics partner, making their services to be easily accessible from anywhere, convenient and affordable to their customers.

Paulman Holdings services include but are not limited to transporting bulk goods across a wide spectrum of industries such as the following:
• Mining
• Agriculture
• Construction
• Manufacturing
• Pharmaceuticals
• Household and office removals

Their promise of guaranteed satisfaction can be Newman Ramatokwane
translated into the following:

Because they strive to become one of the best service providers in Botswana and Southern Africa, their diverse fleet of vehicles provides customers with multiple transportation options and can accommodate standard and oversized loads.

Rest assured that your goods are always safe with them. Their goods-in-transit insurance covers any accidents or damage that may occur during transportation. Their experienced team takes pride in delivering consistent and timely conveyances to the correct destinations.

With their mission in mind i.e. To build an innovative and sustainable transport system to serve their clients with enhanced experiences, by providing quality service through the most efficient arrangements, they ensure that customer loyalty, superior financial results and excellent customer satisfaction can be achieved.

With the next-generation logistics management solutions, moving towards making the global supply chains more customer-centric and sustainable, their focus is directed towards the improvement of transparency and traceability of the supply chain. This maintains a flexible and dynamic relationship between their various stakeholders. Their goal is simple; to make their system more sustainable, accessible, affordable, and safe.


+267 73 407 644
Gaborone West Industrial Plot 22053 Unit 2 0000
Gaborone, Botswana

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