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iBET is part of my life since the early stages of my career. I started as a student in the 1990s and became CEO in 2012. In between, I have played different roles from Researcher to Principal Investigator and Director of Animal Cell Technology Unit. Even when I was doing my Ph.D., with a long period abroad in Norway and Germany, I always managed to work closely with iBET in several projects. iBET is a research intensive non-profit organization working at the interface between academia and the industry. Dedicated to innovation in Health Sciences and Biotechnology, our main area of is Biopharmaceuticals, in particular Innovative Therapies that, more than just treatment, will provide cure in Human Health. The knowledge gathered in this research effort is also applied to the Agro–Food Industries and Nutrition as supportive of Human Health research.

At iBET, we have been organising our research with a focus on creating value to our partners – this is our main driver for innovation. To be innovative in the fast-changing world of Biotechnology, we must anticipate future trends. We need to identify areas with potential for development where we can invest early-on in knowledge generation and capacity building to compete globally, defying the limits of current technologies. iBET research focus is on the advance of new therapeutic entities such as innovative vaccines, gene therapy vectors, cell therapy products and advanced 3D cell models for disease understanding and preclinical research.

Often, innovation comes from the interaction with scientists from the academia, industry or clinics and Hospitals. These networks of excellence are priceless and the basis of our innovative projects and long-term collaborations. Nowadays, iBET is a world-class institution in the field of Biotechnology. Our success comes down to a commitment to excellence – we offer valuable scientific and technological competence that meets the expectation of our partners, communicate actively, ultimately building open and trust-based relationships.

Noteworthy, Innovation is heavily influenced by the ecosystem, meaning, the physical space, services and events occurring in the neighbourhood. These factors can promote opportunities and influence heavily the decision to invest from foreign organizations. In this regard, Oeiras promotes a unique scientific and technological hub hosting national and international main offices of world-class companies and headquarters of research institutes and start-up incubators, all with an innovative mindset. In addition, Oeiras hosts major cultural events such as music, art and gardening festivals and it is characterized by beautiful urban green spaces, gardens, beaches and diverse relaxing areas in the coastline. Easy access to surrounding municipalities such as Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra through highway or train connections and close access to a major international airport makes Oeiras highly attractive to foreign individuals looking for exceptional quality of life allied with a career in competitive international markets.

iBET has walked a long journey since it was created in 1989 and I am proud of the tremendous transformation that we have experienced. I believe the future of Biotechnology-based industries will depend, ultimately, on the continuous capacity to anticipate needs, to invent, innovate, adapt, and develop high-quality products and services. Innovation and excellence are our cornerstones enabling the reinforcement of new and improved technologies and competences based on highly qualified, motivated and dedicated people. Our team is our utmost asset. At iBET we care for the professional advancement of our collaborators as well as for their personal wellbeing, having in place a series of development programmes, activities and partnerships centred on the individual. I take pride in our highly skilled and motivated team, working daily to propel our mission and create value for our partners providing biotech solutions globally with ambition, integrity, and excellence.

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