This Explains How I, Being A Single Mom And Businesscoach, Could Create My Desired Lifestyle (And How You Can Too)




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On the very day of the deadline of this article, my son becomes ill. He can’t go to day care. He doesn’t like day care anyhow. During the first year of his life, I nearly spent all my time being with him. A conscious decision.

It was my biggest desire.

For years. To become a mother. I have moved heaven and earth to become a single mom. It might not have been my first choice, but it definitely was my best: to never give up on my dreams. In 2019 he finally was born: Andres.

After years of putting my career first, my priorities changed.

Neither did I want to continue my 60-hour work weeks, nor did I want to continue the daily involvement in staffing problems. Yes, I was successful. Yes, I had built a million Euro revenue career coaching company.

But a major part of my turnover was spent on paying my team and all the overhead costs. On a monthly basis, I spent over 10.000 € to marketers and advertising. Stress all day, firefighting, and a continuous staff turnover. An oversaturated market. Government regulations changing all the time.

Being pregnant with Andres, I simply knew I had to do it differently. I sold my company. And started looking for another business model which was much more simple and far more efficient.

Happily I discovered an innovative high-end business model. Now, I am working as a Business Mentor with the nicest clients coming from all of Flanders and the Netherlands, in the beautiful offices of Fosbury and Sons. I guide aspiring entrepreneurs to successfully sell a high-end offer, so they can earn very well with a simple business.

My clients are coaches, trainers, consultants who are successful (revenue + €100K), but they get stuck. Growth is no longer possible with the business model that brought them here. My clients are very enthusiastic: they learn new things (to make +15K programs for instance), they can work with better clients who achieve much better results, they feel more fulfilled and they make more money.

“From a 70-hour workweek to a 24-hour workweek, doubled turnover and each month € +1000 passive income” – VIP-client Karine Van Oosterbos, coach and coach trainer.

In the past nine months I made a revenue of almost 300K. I work 30h a week so I have enough time for my son, social life and doing sports. I tell you the figures, to show you what’s possible.

No big team, no ads, no high costs, no agenda full of appointments…

Can you imagine? Maybe you are in the case where you are no longer happy with the business you have. You miss the spark in your eyes… you risk a bore-out or a burn-out in your own company. Working too much, with in the end too little money in the bank account.

Stress, too little time for family life, sports, friends… Do you recognize all this?

Maybe you are one choice away from a totally different experience…

How will it be when you can position yourself at the top of the market, so that you can work with the best clients who are willing to pay very well for your knowledge and the services you provide? You are attracted by quality, more than quantity.

You can ask premium prices for a premium offer working with premium clients, online or on premium locations. Of course, a price adjustment is more than just adjusting numbers. It requires different skills and a different mindset. I help you with this beautiful discovery…

Are you a coach, consultant or trainer earning 100K but stuck in growing further?

Do you want to know how this high-end business model can work for you?

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