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Purpose Makes Brands Matter

Through the study of behavior and spirit, we help clients discover and display their purpose. From that foundation, we create communication tools that pay dividends. Design, word, and image simply happen to be our means.

Unlike agencies who only offer surface-level decoration, we dig deep to uncover your brand’s essence, and then we create the form and voice it deserves.

Founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Chad & Alison Paris, Parisleaf started with a vision of building a state-of-the-art design agency. Before starting Parisleaf, Chad worked at a number of places, ultimately unsatisfied with all of them for one reason or another.

He desired to work somewhere that would help him fulfill his purpose—somewhere that would make a difference. He craved a work environment with an authentic culture of compassion and responsibility reflected not only by those at the top but in every employee.

With a clear vision of what this should look like, what does one do when a place like that cannot be found? The obvious answer to Chad was to create Parisleaf. Since its inception, Parisleaf has evolved from a generalist creative practice to a dedicated brand strategy and design company.

From the beginning of our nine years of operation, Parisleaf has focused on building and supporting brands for purpose-driven organizations. We call this Essential Branding. But, a brand is much more than a logo. Without strategic foundation, visual identity is mere wallpaper. Why do we do it? Because purpose makes progress matter. Purpose makes profit, product, and place matter. Purpose makes everything matter.


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