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Long before businesses were focused on cybersecurity and cloud computing, Paragon was helping clients find and hire the right IT talent to prepare for a new era of digital transformation.

Founded on a commitment to provide exceptional service with consistency and authenticity, Paragon has established a proven process that clients and consultants have come to rely on across business verticals throughout Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa.

Clients leverage Paragon’s experience, speed to market and industry knowledge to augment teams or outsource off-site/off-shore. Paragon has a pulse on IT talent and the ability to scale through a proven service delivery model and with strategic partners on three continents.

Paragon’s Leadership Team (left to right): Jessica Grant, Donna Ballard, Craig Jackman, Nick Roach, Joel Jackman, Amanda Wiemann and Greg Lagan.


For more than 22 years, Paragon has listened to the challenges faced by IT executives and has engineered services to help clients navigate through change and challenge.

Staffing: In a tight IT labor market with an ever-increasing skills gap, the ability to find, attract, engage and deliver IT talent quickly is critical to an organization’s success. Paragon’s core business is quickly matching the right talent at just the right time.

Project Services: When there’s not enough time or resources to confidently execute on strategic initiatives, outsourcing to a trusted partner – whether on-site, off-site or off-shore – is not just the best option but often the only option to quickly advance a strategy.

Using a consultative approach and leveraging Paragon’s strategic partners in South America and India, Paragon provides access to hundreds of additional talented and trusted IT professionals across a wide range of technologies and technology hubs.

Dedicated Service Solutions: Paragon’s business solution reduces the burden of the client by delivering IT resources more efficiently – saving time and money – while leveraging the best available talent in the market.

With limited resources and a growing skills gap, this is often the best solution for clients to obtain the talent they desire to execute on strategic initiatives.

Business Intelligence & Software Solutions: Managing the data flowing through an organization- creating insights from it and hiring for it – are monumental tasks for even the largest of corporations.

Putting off a clear data strategy and action plan will inevitably lead to gaps that competitors will fill. Paragon provides business analytics consulting, strategy and software solutions to clients.


Clients of all sizes and varying industries look to Paragon to help drive innovation through information technology. From finding the right talent to building strategies on how to implement technologies and migrate data, Paragon helps businesses find the tools needed to solve complex problems.

  • Immigration and H-1B Candidates
    With the unemployment rate for technology professionals at 1.3% – a 20 year low – working with a partner who understands the complexities of work visas and hiring H-1B consultants is critical.The H-1B program provides employers access to a vast number of highly educated workers with some of the most in-demand skillsets. Paragon helps clients navigate the process to ensure a successful placement.
  • Staffing Model & Team Structure
    A strong team structure helps allocate resources appropriately and efficiently. Some of the nation’s largest employers have come to Paragon for guidance on improving their IT staffing model. To help advance strategic objectives, IT leaders must assess their teams to ensure the organization has the expertise and skills to achieve superior results.
  • Consultant Relationship Program
    Paragon’s commitment to exceptional service extends to consultants as well as clients. The consultant relationship program helps drive retention and satisfaction, ultimately minimizing costly consultant turnover. From intentional onboarding to advocacy, professional development and excellent benefits, Paragon provides robust communication and engagement between clients and consultants – resulting in the attraction of top talent and reducing costly turnover
  • IT Leadership Forum
    Paragon’s IT Leadership Forum is designed to enhance leadership skills through a professionally facilitated forum where peers come together to learn from one another and where leaders discuss trends, challenges and potential solutions. The Leadership Forum boasts more than 300 participants across 40 businesses in Iowa and Minnesota. Forum participants commit to one meeting a month for a year. For more information visit

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