Paradies Intellectual Property Solutions LLC




Paradies Intellectual Property Solutions was founded by Chris Paradies, a Florida bar certified intellectual property attorney and U.S. registered patent attorney with decades of experience in innovation and intellectual property law.


His efforts as a volunteer economic development leader have been recognized by the Florida Economic Development Council as the Tampa Bay Region Volunteer of the Year in 2014, and Chris was selected as an Outstanding Leadership Finalist in 2011 by Tampa Bay Tech. He serves on boards and is the current Chair of the Board for the Tampa Bay Innovation Center. He offers free IP advice to entrepreneurs at monthly “Startup Exchange” meetups, and volunteers as a co-starters facilitator, helping new entrepreneurs to get started right.
Chris’ vision is to provide innovative solutions to small businesses that reduce costs to own, protect and grow the value of intellectual property, which includes trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, domain names and trade dress. These are the most valuable assets of a successful company in this age of innovation. Nearly 80% of the value of the companies listed in the S&P 500 is attributable to intangibles such as intellectual property. Intellectual property or IP is a complicated and legally evolving area of law requiring expert assistance, which usually costs tens of thousands of dollars. In the Tampa Bay region, many small businesses can’t afford the traditional way of protecting their IP, and good alternatives have not been available until now. IPmasterclass started as the IP Workshop, live courses presented to packed rooms. However, the need was much greater than live training could satisfy. So, Chris developed IPmasterclass, an online video tutorial that only requires about an hour a week of an entrepreneur’s precious time and at a cost any startup can afford.
The purpose of IPmasterclass is to prepare innovative startups for success by mastering their intellectual property (IP) without having to become an IP master. The reviews have been extraordinary. Even those entrepreneurs that choose to employ an intellectual property attorney to assist them to rave about the training. The focus of IPmasterclass is ownership because owning your IP and the IP created for you by others, while not infringing IP owned by others, is critical to any small business. IPmasterclass is a work in progress because IP law and the needs of startups continue to evolve rapidly. Now there is a solution for cash strapped startups that know how important IP is to creative and innovative businesses.

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