We Are A Group Of Companies, Within Several Emerging Areas Of The Creative Industry, Our Activity Is Based On A Multidisciplinary Of Businesses, Such As Entertainment, Tourism, Design, Digital Marketing, Computer Technology, Video And Music. These Businesses Operate With A Common Premise: A Complete And Global Offer Of Services, Achieved Through Close Cooperation Between Companies.




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Having been based in the municipality of Oeiras for some years, in 2017, due to spatial limitations resulting from our growth and consequent creation of new jobs, we sought to unite with those in similar areas of entrepreneurship, in order to seek spaces for rent. Because of our strong, coworking and networking DNA, CMO presented us with the challenge of creating a space at the Flôr da Murta Palace, in Paço de Arcos, that could be an embryo for new businesses, new ideas and new jobs. As a result the project PALACEO – Criatividade Empreendorimo Oeiras was born.


3cket is technology for next generation events:

ticketing and innovative payment solutions for every event, club or venue with customisable features and best-in-class analytics.

With 2 000+ events deployed, 800 000

tickets issued and over 1 000 000 wristband interactions, 3cket is a fast growing company trusted by some of the biggest players among event promoters and brands.


BrainStory is a communication agency that combines business knowledge with creativity in order to establish an emotional connection with an audience. By developing an effective strategy, combined with memorable storytelling and an impactful design, we help companies to tell their stories better through profissional presentations, videos, creative concepts, branding, web design or social media.


Dot World specializes in the organization  of innovative big events, venue management and services operation; providing specialized staff in several areas such as audience management, design, layout and structure execution, artistic curation and stage management.

This group acts as an integral part in some of the largest and most recognized music and gastronomy events and develops brand activations for some of the most popular brands in the market.

Besides setting up creative concepts, Dot World also offers financial solutions that makes possible the channeling of investment into the cultural area, resulting in differentiating projects with a lot of media coverage.


Fados Fora de Portas is a concert production company that works with Fado music, the heart of traditional music from Portugal.

Fado briefly leaves Lisbon’s fado houses. Do you know why? Because it will be installed, comfortably, in your home, at your party, at your wedding. Wherever you want. We are Portuguese. And like all Portuguese, we are fadistas. We bring in our voice, the most genuine side of Fado.

Each challenge is unique. We produce concerts with professional teams that bring Fado to the greatest concert halls, with big concert productions, the living room of your home or at the venue of your event. We design each moment according to the project that comes to us.

We design musical moments adapted to a corporate event of various dimensions, to a wedding day – from the ceremony to the party – and on any other special occasion, Fado may take place with a personalized poem.


H2N is an agency that Connects people and ideas; in an authentic way. Associating impact and relevance to the existence of brands, companies and organizations, through culture and actions that bring them together and connect them with their consumers, stakeholders and audiences.


Icconica Is a company dedicated to the production of events and an agency of artists.

Municipal events, fairs, corporate, equipment rental and management of technical and human resources. It has about 600 events a year, in mainland Portugal, islands and some in Europe. Reference event, technical management Altice arena from websubmit.


Madstudios is a production company boutique with the purpose of delivering high-end content with a special focus on advertising, music videos, branded content, institutional/corporate films and photography. We achieve all of this by putting our disruptive and innovative stamp on everything we do, without ever losing our main objective, which is both narrative and visual quality of our/
your projects. We believe in a 360º, multidisciplinary and modular production concept that aims to meet all the needs of its customers, putting at your service all of our storytelling know-how and technical expertise in order to maintain consistency in all of your content.


InovLabs is an educational startup supporting and providing an all integrated ecosystem to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) activities and projects in the classroom and beyond for Oeiras Public Schools.

We provide interdisciplinary STEM projects to schools and teachers, tailor-made for the current Portuguese curricula, which can be directly deployed through our ready-to-go experiments, applicable to Physics, Mathematics, Geography, Natural Sciences, and Information Technologies.



A travel agency and communication company Megafinalistas develop entertainment content for a young audience of the general public making special investment in the “experience tourism” segment, targeting customers that are looking for extreme and disruptive experiences combined with a high level of customer care.

The experience and the reach of the brand allowed to develop partnerships with national brands either through marketing campaigns, schools and universities roadshows or even custom events such as sport, musical and leisure events.



More than a brand Megaforce is a combination of five (5) distinct forces of services thought and adapted to lead the brands above and beyond! All its offering is sustained by a national network of promoters, creative solutions, event logistics, brand activations and creation of digital marketing campaigns focusing on a versatile and multifaceted sales force.


New Sheet is an event company focused on immersive and interactive events. From large scale and festival size public events to Turnkey Corporate events of any size. Revenge of the 90s one of our biggest events started as a 500 people event and became a 30 000 people event in less then two (2) years. A 90s revival event, totally immersive with games, inflatables, decorations and the biggest names in the 90s music scene.

Our mission and slogan: We make people happy!

Storm Productions is an events company, highly specialized in logistics and executive production! We like to be 200% involved in all our projects to ensure that nothing goes wrong! We always guarantee the most competitive quotes from the best suppliers, with total transparency. Our main focus is on Innovation through the sharing of our ideas with our clients. Our team is highly qualified, drawing on the strengths of different backgrounds and a vast accumulated knowledge and experience. We offer an integrated set of solutions and an all-inclusive pack. These solutions range from monitoring and speaker management, event structures and audiovisuals supply to the choice of the best artists to perform at your events. We offer stage managing and show calling services, personalized catering proposals, hosting services, online events and team building activities, amongst many other services.

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