Packet Power

Monitoring made easy




Packet Power is an IoT company that develops and manufactures wireless power and  environmental monitors and associated cloud-based data services. By focusing on products that are easy to install and  manage, we have become the leading wireless monitoring platform for data centers and other critical facilities.

Over 100,000 monitoring devices deployed
100 million data points analyzed every hour
Customers in over 30 countries across 6 continents
Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where our products are made


Packet Power’s mission is to make it easy and affordable to capture power and environmental information everywhere it is of value.

Our wireless monitors are secure and scalable with self-configuring and self ptimizing technology that eliminates data communications wiring and simplifies network management. No other solution installs faster or is easier to manage.

Our wireless technology was designed specifically for monitoring and is different than WiFi or Zigbee. Our unique protocol allows for a complete separation of the wireless monitoring network from the wired data network. It has been proven worldwide in critical facilities ranging from data centers to universities and sports stadiums.

In order to make monitoring truly easy, Packet Power developed a full IoT technology stack including firmware, hardware, wireless network, and application software. We deliver a lower total cost of ownership and a faster time to business value.



• When will my facility run out of power?
• How much did efficiency improvements change my energy usage?
• How can I reduce peak energy usage?
• How can I minimize cooling costs?
• Which tenants are using the most energy?
• Did the generator turn on when the power went off?
• How is my energy usage changing across time?
• How does energy usage compare across facilities?



• Allocate energy costs to users in data centers
• Reduce energy usage by 48% in data closets
• Qualify for and retain energy-efficiency rebates
• Utilize generators during peak load periods to cut energy costs by 50%
• Lower energy costs by $200,000 per year at a major university
• Identify and eliminate phantom loads


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