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Owlet believes that by empowering parents with the right information at the right time, they can experience more joy and less worry during the newborn phase.

Owlet believes that by empowering parents with the right information at the right time, they can experience more joy and less worry during the newborn phase.

Owlet hit the market in 2015 with the Smart Sock—the first ever baby monitor to track a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. The Smart Sock is a wearable baby monitor inside a sock that comfortably wraps around a baby’s foot while they sleep. Using an accompanying Base Station, the Smart Sock uses lights and sounds to notify caregivers of their baby’s status: green means levels are within the preset zones, and red means levels have fallen out of the preset range.

Kurt Workman, Owlet CEO, believes every parent, new and expecting, should have access to better tools to care for their baby in their home. The desire to find better, more data-driven ways to care for infants grew out of a personal experience: Workman and his wife were concerned about their children potentially inheriting a hereditary heart condition.

“With the advances in today’s technology, I knew there had to be a better way to watch over our infants while they slept,” Workman said. “It blew my mind that we had the technology to tell me practically everything, except for what was most important to me as a parent: is my child okay?”

In addition to developing ground-breaking infant wellness products, Owlet also champions the message of safe sleep and partners with organizations who promote safe sleep practices. The ABCs of safe sleep—Alone, on their Back, and in their Crib—are recommendations from the American Pediatric Association and are bestpractice in the effort to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Though the Smart Sock has not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as a SIDS prevention tool, Owlet hopes spreading the safe sleep message can help make a difference for families around the world.

“We want this product to be as impactful as the car seat when it was introduced in 1975,” Workman said of the Smart Sock. Since the launch of the first Smart Sock in 2015, Owlet has continued to innovate in the baby tech space and was voted best baby monitor three years running. In early 2019, they launched the Owlet Cam, a video baby monitor that streams live video and audio to a user’s smartphone, and are hard at work on the Owlet Band, a first-ofits-kind wearable pregnancy tracker. The Band won two CES Innovation awards and is expected to launch in beta in late 2019. Owlet is also in the process of releasing a baby sleep coaching platform designed in partnership with leading sleep pediatric sleep consultants.

With visions of becoming the authority on safe sleep and overall baby wellness, Owlet has positioned itself as an industry leader in the often overcrowded baby market.

Owlet Baby Care

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