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Its industry-leading e-commerce website and apps offer a broad range of new products at low prices, including furniture, décor, rugs, bedding, home improvement, and more

Overstock.com, Inc. is a Utah-based technology company founded in 1999. Its industry-leading e commerce website and apps offer a broad range of new products at low prices, including furniture, décor, rugs, bedding, home improvement, and more. Overstock is visited by nearly 40 million customers a month and features a marketplace providing customers access to millions of products from its drop-ship partners.

Over its twenty-year history, Overstock has built an organization focused on developing new and innovative technologies for e-commerce and other traditional businesses and markets to provide customers with increased convenience and trust.

In 2014, Overstock was the first major retailer to accept cryptocurrency and, in the same year, founded Medici Ventures, its wholly-owned subsidiary dedicated to advancing blockchain technology. Medici Ventures and its network of companies believe blockchain is the key to building a technology stack for civilization that will eliminate middlemen, democratize capital, and re-humanize commerce in existing markets such as identity, land governance, money and banking, capital markets, supply chain, and voting.

In addition to its groundbreaking work in the developing world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the online retailer continually develops new and industryleading technologies to provide the best customer experience for its shoppers and suppliers. These technologies include Overstock Retail’s industry-leading mobile shopping app, which offers a seamless and intuitive shopping experience.

The app is equipped with the latest technologies, including augmented reality where shoppers can view true-to-life size product renderings and high-quality 3D models in their own room to see if the product matches their current design. The award-winning app also features personalized product recommendations and unique search functions. Overstock Retail expanded this award-winning app functionality to its mobile website, bringing augmented reality and 3D models to all mobile users without downloading a separate app.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies continue to rapidly advance, Overstock continues to build and then integrate these next-gen technologies throughout the entirety of its business. The company’s dedicated algorithms team creates ML models and integrates them into departments such as Marketing, Sourcing and Operations, Customer, and Digital to bring greater efficiencies to the company and provide the best possible experience for customers at every touchpoint.

Overstock continually builds and introduces ML models across various product teams, including pricing, ranking, search recommender systems, marketing, CRM, advertising technologies, email, sourcing, and supply chain, which has helped the company lead the home goods market for 20 years. Overstock’s website uses ML alongside recommendation engines focused on providing customers personalized product recommendations relevant to their own shopping patterns and history, making it much more convenient to shop on a website with millions of products. Customers also receive emails that use machine learning models to find relevant products and offers for individual shoppers in real time, creating an ecosystem of near-instant customer personalization. This real-time personalization ecosystem spans beyond email and is being implemented throughout the organization’s various e commerce and advertising platforms.

Overstock utilizes its expert team of technologists and engineers to build cutting-edge models in machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain, and more to create a heightened customer experience focused on convenience and trust.

As a data-driven tech company, technology and data are at the forefront of each project happening at Overstock. With award-winning apps, innovative customer care techniques, a cutting-edge marketing tech stack, and an incredibly high-speed mobile and desktop shopping platform, Overstock has created a seamless shopping experience from inspiration to post-delivery needs.


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