From its early beginnings in Linda-a-Velha, Oeiras council, OutSystems started with a big vision that is as important today as it was back then. We want every company to be able to innovate through the power of software. OutSystems founders were seasoned IT professionals who recognized that a large majority of software projects were failing. The projects either did not meet deadlines or their budgets were overrun. That year, OutSystems pioneered using visual tools for the development process in what is now known as the booming “low-code” development market. Our mission was and continues to be to transform how enterprise software is delivered.

Twenty years later that early vision has not wavered, and OutSystems is proud to be recognized as a market-leading modern application platform. The OutSystems platform enables organizations of all sizes to build the software that makes the difference – whether it’s for transforming customer experiences, delivering workplace innovation, automating processes, or modernizing core systems. OutSystems makes this possible by combining extraordinarily fast, visual, model-driven development with a modern platform built around AI, cloud, DevOps, and security.

OutSystems customers are rapidly building and delivering modern applications that scale and continuously change with their business. These applications run the gamut from highly scalable and secure cloud applications, websites that serve millions of consumers, back-office solutions powering massive factories, mobile banking applications for both Android and Apple devices, and even IOT solutions that save peoples’ lives. It’s a myth that high quality, efficient apps can only be created by the biggest tech giants that have hundreds of world-class developers on payroll. With OutSystems, any businesses can develop, deploy and manage critical apps at speed—enabling them to respond to market opportunities and continuously deliver value through software-driven innovation.

Thousands of companies, like Toyota, Logitech, Schneider Electric, Santander, Ricoh, Exxon, ING, GM Financial, and Vodafone, use OutSystems for a better, faster way to build enterprise-grade applications. With more than 350,000 community members, more than 1,400 employees, 350 partners, and thousands of active customers in 87 countries and across 22 industries, OutSystems has achieved tremendous global scale while helping organizations change the way they develop applications.

"Developers are a scarce resource in business today, and the complexities of traditional software development exacerbate the challenges most organizations face when tackling their digital transformation agenda. By fundamentally changing the way software is built, OutSystems makes it possible for every organization—no matter the size—to compete, innovate and grow with the developers they already have. We’re focused on helping customers succeed with their most challenging digital transformation initiatives.”

- Paulo Rosado, CEO and Founder of OutSystems


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