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Osedea is an innovative, human-centric software development firm based in Montréal that builds cutting-edge custom digital solutions to optimize processes and create new revenue streams for their customers. Since the company’s inception in 2011, Osedea has honed its skills in AI-driven technologies for the manufacturing, automation, and construction sectors, leveraging a unique combination of applied research and skilled product development engineers to get there. Now, Osedea is capturing the attention of global players.

Fueled by a passion for industry-specific AI

Osedea is strategically positioned to capture both the US and Canadian markets in the manufacturing, automation, and construction industries. Unlike big players that are developing industry-agnostic AI solutions, Osedea remains focused on niche solutions for these industries. At the helm of the diverse group of applied research and product development engineers is founder Martin Coulombe, finalist in the Young Canadian IT Leaders category at the 2010 Computer World Canada Awards. Second-in-command is Rahat Yasir, Lead AI Developer at Osedea. He is a six-time holder of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award in the Artificial Intelligence category and was selected as one of Canada’s top software developers under 30 in 2018.

AI for the manufacturing industry is projected to take off in the near future

Until recently, North America has predominantly focused on AI applications in banking and finance. According to an Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Market report published in July 2020, AI for the manufacturing market is expected to be valued at USD $1.1 billion in 2020, and is likely to reach a valuation of USD $16.7 billion by 2026.

The manufacturing sector of the North American AI market is projected to reach USD $5.7 billion by 2026. Market growth of AI for manufacturing is attributed to the availability of big data, increasing industrial automation, and a high number of AI startups. Organizations that have a proven track record in this arena, with access to internal data availability and experienced team members trained on AI and software development, will be ahead of the game as AI continues to boom.

Making sure AI solutions see the light of day

Whereas many North American companies working in AI development are focused on research (much of which never leads to the creation of a viable product), Osedea’s goal is to approach building AI-based solutions with the mindset that they will be completely usable as quickly as possible. To support this goal, Osedea conducts parallel research and completes software product development phases. The result? The AI loop is completed, bringing an impressive return on investment to Osedea’s customers.

This strategy is especially critical given that Osedea’s clients typically come to the firm with a problem they aren’t yet sure if AI can solve. At the beginning of each project, Osedea completes a discovery phase during which it looks into sample data and use cases. If the data has value, then Osedea proceeds with the creation of an AI solution—often resulting in a dramatic digital transformation.

A tech firm with heart

Osedea’s tight-knit task force is united by a love of true teamwork. Every day, the team develops powerful digital solutions to make the world a more efficient and enjoyable place. And when the working day is done, they celebrate. Together.

Osedea teaches a programming and design class to a group of 20 high school students from their neighborhood.  It’s a great way to give back to the community, reduce the high school dropout rate, and support the next generation of tech professionals. As we move into a bold new future powered by AI-driven technologies, it’s our hope that some of these students will be as inspired as we’ve been to take their digital skills and apply them to the fascinating and impactful world of AI.

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